Rugrats Part 2: The Parents

If you don’t understand what I mean by “Part 2: The Parents”, this is the part where I talk about the parents. Even as a youngster I thought the parents of the Rugrats were good characters. They were developed and important parts of the show.

Didi and Stu Pickles were Tommy’s parents. They were good and fair people, but they were awful at watching kids. Maybe that’s why they always volunteered to have the kids over at their place, because it wasn’t a big deal? They literally stuck all the kids in a play area and just left them alone. I would definitely be a parent if that’s all you had to do. But then again, the writers made sure to include moments that would deter any child from wanting to grow up and have kids. Like the time when Angelica forced Stu to wait on her day and night.

Chaz Finster was Chuckie’s dad. He was a nervous parent, mirroring the characteristics of Chuckie. I forget what happened to Chuckie’s mom, but I’m pretty sure she died. A kid’s show wouldn’t be complete without a dead parent somewhere in the mix. Like I mentioned previously, Chaz got re-married to Kira, mother of Kimi. This plot line wasn’t really believable since Chaz wasn’t exactly a looker. And where did they meet? I don’t get it. I think the creators started to get lazy around this point. They also introduced a new baby brother for Tommy around the same time. But he’s not worth delving into. Trust me.

I touched on Betty and Howard Deville in my previous post. They’re the prime example of “opposites attract”. Betty has a very strong personality; she’s loud, big, and somewhat masculine. You could guess that Howard is not any of those things, and you’d be right. I have a feeling the twins are going to be so messed up when they’re “All Grown Up”.

Drew and Charlotte were Angelica’s parents. They royally screwed Angelica up by not giving her a baby brother or sister and spoiling her. Drew is Stu’s older, more successful brother. Their dad Lou lived at Stu’s house. He was the worst babysitter of all because he always fell asleep. I believe that side of the family was of Christian descent and Didi’s parents were Jewish. Which made it perfect for holiday episodes. I actually learned most of my Passover information from the Rugrats Passover Special. So normal. No one was left out except those Kwanza weirdos. But I bet anything that Susie mentioned Kwanza. I just know she did. Ugh that show was so PC.

Also one weird thing about all the grandparents on the show is that they were already 100 years old. How old were they when they had their kids? I mean, my grandparents were probably in their 40’s when I was born. I could never relate to Tommy, who was one year old, having older grandparents than me.

All of the parents were friends with each other which gave me high hopes for being an adult. I figured I would have lots of other friends with kids that my own kids could play with but I think that was slightly misleading. Apparently you have to go out and make friends yourself, which is just way too much work.



10 thoughts on “Rugrats Part 2: The Parents

  1. My favorite joke involving the grandpa was when one of the parents reminded him about how he fell asleep while he was on guard at the watch tower at Pearl Harbor. As a kid I never got it, but later on I could appreciate the reference.

    I totally remember Stu making chocolate pudding. I can’t watch shows with food in it because then I crave the food. Rugrats was no different.

    I think Chaz met his wife in the second Rugrats movie. All the big events happened in the Rugrats movies. It was the only way people would see them. I saw the first one and all I remember is Tommy being really nasty to Dill. Then a wolf tried eating the babies and they somehow survived. How did they have like 5 movies?

    • I really liked the grandpa’s whole storyline with Morgana (the girl who got away type thing) that was a good one for me. I don’t remember the Pearl Harbor comment, but that’s amazing. Sounds like me, to be honest.
      Ohhh yes. That sounds right. I always forgot about the movies because it didn’t seem right, watching a beloved tv show in the theater. Such a sell out move.

  2. I think it was the time Dill or whatever his name was came around was when I stopped watching. I hate change. So I’m glad I stopped before Chucks dad got remarried otherwise my head’ve exploded.


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