Odd Couples

A common and successful theme throughout the history of entertainment is “The Odd Couple”—a pair of unlikely friends with opposite personalities that complement each other. It always proves to be entertaining, although it can hinge on having already been done. That’s why creators have to be, well, creative in order to make a new spin […]

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

When I think of weird I think of two things, plungers and the television show Pete & Pete. Plungers are weird because a lot of science had to go into making them. It must mean there was a good few years when toilets existed and plungers didn’t. You don’t just clog a toilet then know […]

Inspector Gadget

I wasn’t alive when Inspector Gadget was on air but for some reason Nickelodeon got desperate and played the reruns during the 90’s. I watched a fair share of Inspector Gadget but I was never fully impressed with it. And I still can’t spell gadget for the life of me. Some things never change. For […]

Batman: The Animated Series

I wanted to start my first post here off with a bang and write about a show everyone watched no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation. It wasn’t until I realized through other means I have already pretty much excluded everyone from my life other than straight white males so I figured I should […]


Doug was a staple TV show for me growing up in the 90’s. I remember one of my friends came over to do homework with me and right as we sat down to work, I heard Doug’s theme song and rushed over to the television to watch. My parents later told me that my behavior […]