Boy Meets World

There’s been a lot of talk about Boy Meets World in the news lately. And by news I mean facebook and twitter. Apparently Hollywood is making a sequel/series called Girl Meets World which is totally blasphemous. Let’s take a minute and go back to better days…


Shawn, Topanga, Cory, and Eric.

The boy in Boy Meets World was Cory Matthews. Cory was played by Fred Savage’s little brother, Ben. Fred had a pretty good career with The Wonder Years and the mole guy in Austin Powers, but Ben’s career was better because his show lasted a season longer than The Wonder Years and it was funnier. Cory was just your ordinary middle schooler trying to live life and have fun. He didn’t care much for school and neither did his best friend Shawn Hunter. I always liked Shawn because he spelled his name phonetically and there’s something to be said for that. A message to all the Seans in the world: No one likes you. Spell your name the right way or I’m gonna pronounce it “Seen”.

Cory and Shawn continuously had trouble in Mr. Feeney’s class. Mr. Feeney wasn’t only a harsh teacher but he was also Cory’s next door neighbor. He was always around. If my teacher lived next door to me, I would never go home. Cory’s home was okay though because he had a cool older brother, Eric. Cory was a slacker, Shawn was dumb, but Eric was just dense. He had some of the best lines in the show and became more of a staple character in later seasons.

Cory’s love interest was Topanga. She was a smart, earthy child who seemed to be raised by hippies. That’s probably the reason her name was Topanga. She was famous for her long, shiny hair until one episode where she drastically cut it off during school to prove to Cory that looks didn’t matter. She cried after she cut her hair and realized her mistake. The reason Cory was complaining in the first place was because his hair looked like a Brillo pad a la Albert Brooks. Whereas Shawn and Eric had nice, flowing 90’s locks.121105053310-boy-meets-world-vertical-gallery

The show went on for seven seasons from 1993 until 2000. That’s a pretty long stretch. So obviously the characters went through a lot of changes. They all went to high school together; Mr. Feeney somehow became the high school principal the same year they started, conveniently. They eventually all got into college, not to mention the same college, and Mr. Feeney became the Dean at their college which is super creepy. By that point it’s like, okay go away. A lot of new characters were introduced in college like Matthew Lawrence (Joey Lawrence’s younger brother, obviously), a black girl, and a ginger girl.

On the day of college graduation Topanga ends up proposing to Corey. I’m assuming Girl Meets World is a fast-forward of their life together and their experience with having a daughter. If Mr. Feeney is in it, I’ll cry. If Eric is in it, I’ll pee my pants. I just can’t believe people are going to let a character named Topanga be on the air AGAIN.

31 thoughts on “Boy Meets World

  1. I never liked Boy Meets World but you know that already because I told you to write this.

    I don’t like how they’re all smiling and hugging in that first picture and this isn’t a show about a love triangle and betrayal. Clearly Topanga is the only girl who will talk to any of them so they pretty much would have to share her in a realistic world.

    I am happy you pointed out how creepy Mr. Feeney is. I had a teacher who taught in both my middle school and high school, sure it happens. But to follow them to college? You can’t really call him a pedophile though because he does like them as adults. He was Dustin Hoffman’s dad in The Graduate if I remember correctly. What an old man. Maybe Topanga works at a hospital and has to take care of him. I really hope he has Alzheimer’s and that helps them do a flashback/clip show.

    • Hah I hate how they have their mouths open in that picture. It’s so not normal. I mean, mr. Feeney is supposed to be a beloved character, but he’s more annoying than anything. Hah if Topanga is stuck bathing an old man, we might as well call this blog “thinking about characters bathing each other”.

    • Maybe GIRL MEETS WORLD is the doomed love triangle you’ve been longing for. Ya never know…

      P.S. I secretly loved that show, but mostly I just wanted Topanga’s hair. Also, her boobs. Crap, did I just write that on your family-friendly blog? Oops.

      • Don’t get the wrong impression, just because we write about kid’s shows doesn’t mean that this is a family friendly blog! I definitely agree, for Topanga’s size, she had the craziest boobs. She was probably just about 5 feet tall. Right? I don’t know why I’m thinking so much about this…haha!

  2. I remember watching it but I was never a huge fan of it but I can see it being pretty cool to get a sequel show 13 years later. Sort of like how Dallas has a continuation long after it originally finished.

    It’s weird though how they’re going to have a 13 year old child and the actors are barely in their 13s, she must have had a kid at 18. What a slut.

      • Well maybe they just have a girl and it’s a show about them parenting. I hope it’s not. That you be immensely boring. You kind of have to watch it when you’re young. Then it won’t seem as dumb.

  3. Haha this is great. I loved boy meets world in its prime but looking back, yeah Feeney is a creep. I’m sure if I watched it now I’d be like, “wow, I thought this was good TV??” Kinda like Full House, I tried watching an old episode the other day and couldn’t believe how lame it was!

    • Me too! Watching old tv shows is such a bad idea. It ruins everything about them. Omg Full House was sooo cheesy. I hate uncle Joey with a passion that cannot be explained.

  4. I remember watching this show and liking it for the most part. The best part, for me, is Shawn. He was played by Rider Strong, who also stared in Cabin Fever. Rider once told someone that if he ever got into porn he wouldn’t have to change his name.

    • Yeah it was a pretty quality show. Ohhh yeah I remember his name being Rider Strong. What a cool name. That’s totally true about the porn thing. I never saw Cabin Fever! I’ll have to heck it out!

    • You have no idea how pissed I am. Wild Thornberries was on my list. I’m gonna write a letter to WordPress and threaten them. New blog post maybe?

  5. I was reading the Yahoo write-up on the sequel and the first line was something like “Believe it or not, Boy Meets World is coming back but this time Corey and Topanga are the parents of their own teenager! Don’t you feel old!!??” I am Corey and Topanga’s age, and no, I don’t feel old because if they have a teenager then that means they had her when they were like 17. I just feel smart for waiting until I was 30 to spawn.

    • They can’t do that though! I saw Cory and Topanga when they were in college and no one was pregnant! It’s not consistent which is awful and pretty much against the law.

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  7. haha! Why was Topanga my favorite character? Because her name made me laugh every time I said it. I’ve driven through Topanga Canyon in Cali, many times. When I first saw her I was like, “what the…? Who names their child TOPANGA? haha!

    Sean is better than Shawn… how do you feel about Shaun? I hate them all. Sorry everyone who is, or knows a Shawn or Shawna!

    • Lol Topanga. Names are such a vital part of shows. They really sink into our brains and stay there forever. I think her parents were supposed to be hippies and that’s why they named her Topanga. Makes sense I guess.
      Sean? Really? It reminds me of Seal. Shaun is okay because it’s still phonetic. I will agree that Shawna is gross though!

    • Yes! You are correct about Eric! I remember him and Christy Carlson Romano (Ren from Even Stevens) voicing Ron and Kim. I know right? Topanga is such a weird name. I think it’s the name of a place in California so maybe some of the writers lived there and thought it was clever? Pshh who knows…!

  8. I figured it was only a matter of time till you did a post on this show.

    Girl Meets World sounds like one of the worst ideas in history. I mean, is the audience people who watched Boy Meets World? Are 30-year olds really going to watch it? Is the audience teenagers who now watch shows like Gossip Girl? I’m guessing the cast and writer agreed to make the show pro bono and Disney said “Why not?”

    That being said, I’m totally at least watching the first episode.

  9. Lily,get ready to cry. I read over the weekend that Feeny is joining “Girl Meets World”. I know,right? I thought he was annoying,too.
    The best part of BMW was and always will be Rider Strong. I will always have a crush on Shawn.

  10. If Ben Savage and Rider Strong were my age now,(I’m 17),and they went to my school,they would be the dudes I’d hang out with. gain about Feeny. He is nothing but annoying.
    Rider Strong<3.

  11. Yes, the show had some strangeness to it – most notably the fact that Feeny was always there. Other than that, BMW (makes a nice acronym!) is a gem! I love it and must’ve seen every episode like 10 times by now. I still watch it whenever I catch it.
    It is a pity about Ben Savage though. Where in the world is he and what’s he doing?!


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