Rocko’s Modern Life

For some reason I feel like I need to touch on every Nickelodeon show immediately to prove my worth. Rocko’s Modern Life is one of the first original Nicktoons and has a plethora of perfect characters. It was similar to Ren and Stimpy in that it could be disturbing at times and it also reminded me of Doug because Rocko was a very mild protagonist.


Rocko sitting on the couch with Heffer and Filbert. Behind them are Spunky and the Bigheads.

Rocko was a wallaby from down-under who made a new life in O-Town. No relation to the band O-Town with Ashley Parker Angel. Rocko lived with his dog Spunky in a good sized house in a seemingly normal neighborhood.  Spunky was a somewhat retarded canine who ate some of Rocko’s brain in the opening credits. Like all dogs, he’s a good companion but he isn’t a major part of the show.

Rocko’s best friend was Heffer Wolfe. Hef is a steer (not a cow!) who was raised adopted by wolves. His family is probably my favorite part of the show. He had a stern father named George and a simple mother, Virginia. Virginia Wolfe get it?!?! Virginia had a nervous teeth-grinding tick and her voice can only be compared to an accent from Fargo. George Wolfe was the opposite of a soft parent. While trying to comfort Heffer, he once said “Well, I talked to your mother and apparently we still love you.”

His brother Peter (like Peter and the Wolf get it?!?!) was one of the best characters because he was overly sarcastic and hated almost everyone. The only character who was perhaps better than Peter Wolfe was Cindy Wolfe, Heffer’s sister who took a vow of silence and would hold up signs to communicate.

Heffer himself was pretty normal and kind hearted. He only had a slight eating problem. Rocko once accused Heffer of over-eating to which Heffer replied that Rocko had a nail-biting problem. I remember this episode so clearly because I too, at 7 years old had a nail-biting problem. I could relate to Rocko so much after that moment.

Rocko's four-fingered hand looked identical to my five-fingered one.

Rocko’s four-fingered hand looked identical to my five-fingered one.

Rocko’s other friend Filbert was a neurotic, Jewish turtle. He would hide in his shell a lot, which most Jews would probably do if they had shells. He bothered me a bit because he was always complaining. Here I am, 18 years later and basically Filbert.

Like most people, Rocko was blessed with weird neighbors, the Bigheads. Ed and Bev Bighead were frogs with, you guessed it, big heads. I swear this show was smarter than I’m making it out to be. Perhaps one of the most scarring moments of the show was when they showed Ed in the shower after he dropped the soap, bent over. His butt was all wrinkly and he broke the shower door. Ed and Bev spent most of their time yelling at each other and scaring Rocko.

Rocko’s Modern Life was definitely a good watch for kids and grownups alike. There were lots of innuendos, satires, and dark moments that would go over my head, but I’m sure my parents appreciated them.


21 thoughts on “Rocko’s Modern Life

  1. I like it when cartoons are entertaining for adults, too. Is this where you first heard about taking a vow of silence, or in your case, a bow of silence? I wonder? Great post. I had forgotten about this one.

    • Yes, I think this was my first introduction to bows of silence. Haha so funny. Thanks madre! Yeah this was such a good show. I youtubed some clips and I forgot how perfect it was.

    • Yes I totally remember that! I don’t know how long that lasted though. Wasn’t he job hunting at one time or another? I’m sad that my memory is so hazy. I like that Filbert was so OCD. I remember Rocko giving him chips at one time and he counted them over and over. So good.

  2. I laughed really hard at the thought of Jewish people with shells. Of course they would hide in them. I’m glad someone said it.

    The most disturbing Rocko image I remember is the Christmas episode where a cloud poops snow.

    • Hah always the first to make a Jewish joke. People can’t get mad at me about it either because I have Jewish relatives. That makes it okay, right?
      Ohhh I think I remember that. There were a lot of disturbing images in that show. Not as scarring as Ren and Stimpy, but maybe a notch lower?

  3. I used to be hooked on Rocko and his now not so modern life but for the life of me I can’t remember anything from the show apart from the theme song. Rocko’s moooodeeeerrrrn liiiiifffeeee, Rocko’s modern life.

    The most disturbing part is how I still remember that and how often it’s stuck in my head.


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