The show Madeline never got enough street cred. Originally a children’s book, Madeline was a cute little story about twelve girls who were at boarding school with their teacher Miss Clavel. Miss Clavel should’ve been called Sister Clavel or whatever her first name was because she was a nun. The story was set in Paris and the girls would speak English speckled with French words. They didn’t force their native language on their audience like Dora does.Madeline

I think what I liked most about Madeline’s life was the structure of her day. Everything was so organized and Miss Clavel had a nice, sharp routine for the girls to follow. They would wake up, eat breakfast, walk around Paris (lucky bitches), go to the zoo, laugh at clowns and mimes, come home, break their bread, brush their teeth, and go to bed. The narrator always spoke in rhymes which was annoying, but expected.

The show would always start with the narrator saying “In an old house in Paris covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. They left the house at half past nine, in rain or shine. The smallest one is Madeline.” Fun fact: Christopher Plummer is the narrator which is kind of cool/kind of creepy. Like, why is he looking in on these little girls and studying their every move?

In one episode, the Spanish ambassador moved in next door to the boarding house. I know you’re thinking, why would the Spanish ambassador move into a normal old house in Paris? When they mention “an old house in Paris” at the beginning of the show, they really mean a gigantic mansion in Paris. So it’s no surprise that the Spanish ambassador would move into their hood. And he has a son, Pepito.

Unfortunately his son is what Madeline calls a “Bad Hat”. He’s mean to animals and shoots the girls with his sling shot. I think the creators of the show were trying to teach young children that Spaniards are awful people who should be avoided at all costs. He’s basically a mini Conquistador. One of his evil plans goes astray and he ends up getting mauled by dogs. Pepito learned his lesson and eventually became Madeline’s friend. And a vegetarian.

Is Pepito a girl?

Is Pepito a girl?

In another famous episode, Madeline has to get her appendix removed. The day prior she felt sick and wasn’t acting like herself. She went to bed and in the middle of the night Miss Clavel got a bad feeling. She sang this amazing song in her French accent saying, “Something is not right, something is quite wrong!” When she finally reached the girl’s bedroom, her instinct had been right. Madeline was crying because the pain was so bad. Miss Clavel had been singing her song for 3 minutes before she arrived to Madeline’s room. Why is their house so big?! Maybe if her room was next to the girl’s room she would be able to hear the cries instead of depending on her gut feeling.

Apparently these girls are not orphans. Their parents just don’t love them enough to raise them themselves. It must be tough to be a ginger AND have your parents not really love you.

That’s all there is. There isn’t anymore.


14 thoughts on “Madeline

    • Hehe thanks! I’m glad you caught the ending bit! Only a true Madeline fan would get it.
      Hah yeah Pepito is the worst! What a crazy Spaniard sonofa…biatch.

  1. I’m not sure if I knew this was ever a show. I remember my sister reading the books. And by reading I mean looking at the pictures.

    Bad hat? Maybe she just didn’t like his fashion sense. Great observations on how poorly put together this show was as far as logic goes.

    • This show was on around the time that we were 3 so it makes sense that you wouldn’t have watched it or known about it.
      The logic was not all there, but it was a pretty entertaining show for a dumb 3 year old like myself. Thanks!

  2. Really though, do any parents love ginger children? I’d have been 5 or something when this was out so I don’t remember it that well. Shame because I like laughing at orphans.

    • Good point. I was really young when this was around–like 3 years old. But I have a pretty good memory it seems because when I watched it on youtube, I remembered it all!

  3. Madeline was one of my childhood loves! We didn’t really have cable back then and the morons at the local tv station decided it was a brilliant idea to put this on at 6 in the blessed morning, so I got up specially to watch Madeline. I hated Pepito at first and I thought what horrible parents could have named their girl child that? Then I realized she was indeed a he!

    Do you remember that darling dog, Genevieve? I can’t say exactly how they found her but she’d saved Madeline. I thought they really were orphans, jeeze some parents really suck and it makes me sad. But on a lighter note, did Pepito become a vegetarian? Haha! Vey, he was truly a terrible child. He made a guillotine (Oi, Parisians) from that kit the girls had gotten him and he began beheading chickens for fun and ate them for dinner. I’m sorry for carrying on like this but no one I know (leave out mom) knows about this show and it’s lovely to chat with people who do 🙂

    • Oui madame! So happy you appreciate Madeline! I love that you woke up so early to watch the show. A true fan!
      Pepito was awful. I remember the guillotine and how he kept those animals in cages. What a bad hat! My mom recently informed me that I had a crush on Pepito. Like, what kind of sick child was I?
      I do remember Geneieve but I don’t remember how she came about either. Did it have to do with Madeline falling into the river or something? (I just looked it up and she did! She was dancing on the edge of the river and Geneieve saved her!) Paris was so dangerous.
      Yes Pepito became a vegetarian at the end of his introductory episode! So awesome. He learned his lesson well, I think.
      Glad you liked my post! Thanks for reading and commenting! If you are passionate about any other kid’s shows, you should write a guest post for us 😀

    • The freaking show was amazing. A must watch. The eps are on youtube, so if you’re bored…
      Make sure that you watch the one from 1989 because those are the best episodes. And they have the best songs. They aired a new version of it in 96 I think that’s called “The New Adventures of Madeline” that wasn’t as good. Mostly because I didn’t watch it. Therefore it wasn’t as good.


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