Fairly Odd Parents

Having a fairy godmother has always been a dream for kids and grown-ups alike. Who wouldn’t want someone around to grant all of their wishes? In Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy Turner was one of those kids with a crumby life. The CEOs in fairyland sent Timmy some fairy god parents to brighten up his life.

In order to dismiss people’s suspicions of Timmy being blessed with fairies, they mostly stay under cover as goldfish. When he goes to school they stay close to him and appear as school books, fleas, anything that would make it look like Timmy was talking to himself. Timmy’s parents don’t really assume anything because they’re nothing short of retarded. Timmy’s teacher, Denzel Q. Crocker or Mr. Crocker for short, is a fairy enthusiast and is convinced that Timmy has fairy godparents. He just has trouble proving it. He often spasms uncontrollably when he senses the work of the magical duo. He usually gave Timmy failing grades because of his suspicions. tumblr_inline_mfsjdg4olA1rtm8dy

Speaking of the magical duo, their names are Cosmo and Wanda. They are unique fairies because they’re married and that’s why they come as a pair. Wanda’s voice makes her sound like a 60 year old woman yet she looks relatively young while Cosmo’s voice sounds like a 15 year old man-child and he looks the same age as Wanda. Of course, Cosmo is slightly dumb, but he has all the best lines. I remember in one episode he named a nickel Phillip and he would slide her(Phillip is a girl) into the conversation through the entire episode. And then something happened where he ended up losing the nickel and he just screamed “PHILLIPPPPPP!” I found it really funny but now that I’ve written it out, it sounds dumb. I hate myself.

One of the reasons Cosmo and Wanda were sent to Timmy Turner was because he had the worst babysitter of all time, Vicky. Imagine the worst babysitter (me)/step mother type character you can and then you’ll have a good idea of what Vicky was like. Vicky was a character I could relate to a lot though—she loved watching TV and doing nothing while she babysat. She also loved money. I guess you could say she was one of my early idols.tumblr_m3heiqGi501qbpwzeo1_500

There are many minor, reoccurring characters like Timmy’s friends Chester and AJ. Chester was actually voiced by Frankie Muniz which always made me happy for some reason. Like, even as a teenager, I was relieved when Frankie Muniz was getting work. I worry about that guy.

The Crimson Chin was a superhero with a mighty large chin, voiced by none other than Jay Leno. How fitting. Timmy would often imagine himself into his comic books alongside The Chin fighting as his mighty sidekick, Cleft: Boy Chin Wonder.

There are an abundance of characters in this show, including, but not limited to, aliens, animals, inanimate objects (PHILLIPPPPPP!), principles, next door neighbors, mayors, TV personalities, superstars, and plenty of fairies. Fairly Odd Parents isn’t just a show; it’s an entire world of great characters and good names. For example, Timmy’s principle is named Geraldine Waxelplax. His neighbors, and Mr. Turner’s biggest competition, are called the Dinklebergs. And the toughest fairy in the fairy universe is an Arnold Schwarzenegger type called Jorgen Von Strangle.Fairly-Odd-Parents-600x353

This is one of those kid’s shows that doesn’t get enough street cred. Everyone should give this toon a chance because it’s one of the best. And it will give you hope that maybe there are fairy god parents out there after all.

10 thoughts on “Fairly Odd Parents

    • He just vanished into the 90’s along with frosted tips and people named Travis.
      Vicky was an amazing character. I think I modeled my babysitting style after her.

    • That actually does look like an iPhone. It might be his fairy tracker though. I think he had all sorts of gizmos to help him. Vicky was practically perfect in every way. You have proved your worth of cartoon watching. I am always so impressed with how much you are familiar with!

  1. I never got into this show or gave it a chance. Of course I was too old to really enjoy it at the time. I’m so glad it came out later in life because I guarantee my nickname would have been Timmy Turner when I was younger. Instead I was away at camp when the Timmy character debuted on South Park and I had to listen to people say “Timmy!” for a week.

    I worry about Frankie Muniz too. You’re not alone. Didn’d he go into cardiac arrest two months ago? How? He’s still in his 20s. There’s a curse on those Malcolm in the Middle kids. The parents are winning Emmy’s left and right.

    • This was a good one. I can understand though, how you would’ve looked past it. I probably shouldn’t have been watching it. This is further proof that I’ve been wasting my life away for years. Ugh Timmy from South Park is a good character, no, sorry Jimmy is. Timmy is well, Timmy!

      Poor Frankie. He must be making some bad life choices if he’s going into cardiac arrest at our age. Shame.


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