A Poem for Demi Lovato

Dear Demi Lovato,

Lovin’ you forever is my motto.

Maybe lovin’ is too strong a word,

But maybe Demi you have not yet heard.

I am a man, who takes care of his women,

Affection from me is always a given.

I first knew we were meant to be the second saw you,

Unlike many other actresses your face did not very much resemble a Jew.

Your name entered my ears first when you did Camp Rock,

It sucked, and no, that is not a personal knock.

The Jonas Brothers dragged your talents down which I should have saw come,

Watching their acting made my soul all the more numb.

How did these queer Beatle wannabes ever big it so big?,

And yes that line was a very personal dig.

Disney latched onto you and swore they would make you a star,

Your downfall would be cigarettes, booze, and the bar.

I never would have thought you were so into cocaine,

When I heard the news from my eyes tears began to rain.

Did you not see Scarface and how bad it turned out for him?,

I guess on the plus side all the drugs helped you keep slim.

Sonny with a Chance was your show you got practically all for your own,

I watched it religiously while you were probably in your mansion getting stoned.

It was about a sketch group and what happens behind the scenes,

I enjoyed the show even though its target demographic was girls who were preteens.

You’re funny and I don’t say that about very many dames,

Demi Lovato you however should thank your comedic timing for your fame.

You haven’t done much else with your God-given skills,

That’s why Demi Lovato I ask you to allow me to give you some thrills.

You’ve spent a lot of time in rehab and I’m sure your standards have gone down,

Speaking of going down my house is empty this weekend, the folks are out of town.

Yes I’m inviting you over to spend the weekend with me,

I think Demi Lovato it will only take 2 1/2 days for you to see.

I’m the man of your dreams, the guy you never thought you would like,

Maybe if we’re lucky I can get you pregnant and together we can raise our little tike.

So Demi Lovato please give me a call,

I’ll always be there to pick you up when you fall.

And no, that wasn’t a reference to your emotionally charged drug use,

There’s nothing wrong with snorting a brick of cocaine to get yourself loose.

Demi Lovato I know we can raise a family all on our own,

Through this poem I hope my love for you has been shown.

Demi Lovato5

2 thoughts on “A Poem for Demi Lovato

  1. You didn’t even mention Demi cutting herself and her addiction to bulimia. Do I have to take over this blog and just write everything?
    I always liked Demi though. I liked her in Sonny with a Chance even though their are no girls named Sonny. I liked Chad Hamilton or whatever his name was.

    • We don’t talk about cutting or bulimia on this blog. It’s family friendly. Kids might get the wrong idea.

      I forgot she was more messed up than I thought. I tried the whole cutting and bulimia thing in a girl. It was hard to handle. It’s really good I’m not famous because I don’t think I could handle Demi’s emotional outbursts.


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