X-Men: The Animated Series

My mother always made sure my Halloween costume matched my younger sister’s. When I was in kindergarten I was Rajah the tiger from Aladdin while my sister was Jasmine. When I was in third grade I was Rodney King and my sister was a white cop with a tire iron. In first grade though, my […]


Books are cool. Well, sort of. I don’t really read much. I know, I should pretend like I’m well-read and enjoyed The Great Gatsby but I didn’t. F. Scott Fitzgerald describes gruesome death in half a sentence. Get a little detailed, will you dude? Talk about how the guts are mangled in the street. Use […]


Not to be confused with Clifford The Big Red Dog, Clifford the movie is about a a young boy played by the man-child Martin Short. The movie starts out with Clifford as an old man/Catholic Priest/head of a boy’s orphanage. A little boy (Ben Savage) tries to run away and Clifford tells him the story […]


It was common for kids in 1995 to mispronounce Pocahontas’ name as PocaTONTus or crazy Indian chick that talks to animals and stole John Smith away from me. This was the movie that singlehandedly made everyone want to love nature and keep the world beautiful so we could jump off waterfalls and talk to willow […]

Wild & Crazy Kids

“Sit down, shut up, and if you move I’m going to hit you with this stick” is what most kids hear these days when they’re wild and crazy. But back in 1990 these children were treated differently. There was a place where they could go and be themselves. It was a little show on Nickelodeon […]

Muppet Babies

I was never a big fan of the actual Muppets so I don’t know what possessed me to watch the animated show portraying them as babies. My mind is just filled with absolute garbage. Muppet Babies tried way too hard to be funny. There were a lot of bad jokes and a lot of weird […]

The Secret World of Alex Mack

It’s hard for me to describe The Secret World of Alex Mack mostly because it doesn’t make sense. In the pilot episode, Alex is walking home from school when she almost gets hit by a truck from a chemical plant (Why is she walking along a busy road? That’s how you get kidnapped. No joke.). […]