Bear in the Big Blue House

I was definitely too old to be watching this show when it first aired on TV. In fact, I think they still play it now. The title explains a lot about the show—it’s about a bear in a big blue house. There are a couple other characters, but it’s pretty straight forward and nothing really happens.

Bear is the most prominent character since he’s in the title and everything. He’s kind of the master of the house. I’m not sure if he owns it or just ate everyone who originally lived there, but he lives there now and he’s the boss. He’s extremely large and you don’t realize how big Bear is until he’s standing in front of his house and makes it look like a doll’s house in comparison. Which makes me wonder how he fits inside at all. The puppeteer who controls Bear also controlled Magellan from Eureeka’s Castle. I guess he specializes in humongous puppets? That would be the worst life.

Bear is ALWAYS breaking into boring songs about nothing. Like, he sings songs about going to bed and brushing his teeth. Puppets don’t have teeth, so how would he even know what that’s like? The only good songs he sings are the intro song, and the outro song that he sings with Luna, the moon. I shouldn’t be so mean to Bear though. He’s actually very kind and soft-spoken. And he always compliments his audience on how good they smell. I think he particularly likes when I wear J’adore Dior.

None of them should know how to garden.

None of them should know how to garden.

Ojo is a bear cub who always hangs around the house. I don’t know if she lives there or if she’s Bear’s cousin, but I always want her to go home. Unless she’s Bear’s child, she shouldn’t be there every day. That’s like babysitting all the time and not getting paid. Ojo is adventurous and has a lot of energy. Luckily, there are a lot of other friends in the house that she can play with to give Bear some space.

Tutter is a blue mouse who lives in a mouse hole in Bear’s kitchen. If I were Bear I would’ve called the exterminator a long time ago. Tutter is always telling the worst jokes too. And he eats all of Bear’s food. Like, the forest is right outside these doors, why don’t you go out and find a wife or something? And hopefully get eaten by an owl.

Pip and Pop are two identical purple otter twins. They live in the otter pond outside of Bear’s house with a number of other minor characters. I really like otters in real life, but Pip and Pop make it hard for me to like them. They have such high energy, it’s exhausting. They finish each other’s sentences and repeat each other’s words. I also don’t know if Pip and Pop are girls or boys.

Treelo is a happy lemur who spends a lot of time in the big blue house. I don’t know why he’s in the forest because he should be on the island of Madagascar. Unless the big blue house is in Madagascar? I don’t get it. Treelo is hard to understand and makes up for it by being super energized and dance-y. He and Ojo are pretty good friends which makes me think that Ojo is desperate for a companion.

Luna is the moon that Bear talks to before he goes to sleep. Luna will visit Bear on his balcony and sing the “Goodbye Song” with him. Bear will usually tell her of the days events. Why would she even care? She’s the moon. She shouldn’t even have thoughts. Luna is one of the scariest puppets on the show, hands down. Her voice is very soothing, but she’s pretty terrifying. To be fair, Luna isn’t half as traumatizing as the moon in Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight Tonight music video, but still.



Shadow is a girl shadow that lives in the house and sneaks up on Bear. She’ll tell stories and sing songs and basically just kill time until 30 minutes are up.

There are a handful of other characters and locations on the show, but this bunch really makes the show what it is: pretty bad.


8 thoughts on “Bear in the Big Blue House

  1. Bear just looks so sweet and I think I remember him having a big dopey bear voice. I feel bad that you had to talk bad about him because he seems like a giant retard you just want to cuddle.

    I never watched this show because as you pointed out, we were way too old. It seems as if the characters could have been a lot better or at least accurate to the forest. Then again, the same could be said about Winnie the Pooh. A kangaroo in the forest? Tigga’ please!

    • Ooh nice Tigger racial joke! Double points. But yeah I kind of feel bad about being mean to Bear because he really is a big cuddly retard. But he does have really bad posture. Just sayin.

      You bring up a good point about Kanga and Roo. How are they even surviving? Where is Roo’s dad? We’ll have to do a Winne the Pooh post soon.

  2. My oldest loved Bear. Fortunately when she was that young OnDemand or Netflix didn’t exist so it was only on once a day. Couple of her other favorites were Big Comfy Couch and DragonTales. I’d love to hear your review of those!

    • Bear was very loveable. I will definitely add Big Comfy Couch and Dragon Tales to my list. Big Comfy Couch always scared me. The clown girl freaked me out haha!


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