Life With Derek

Disney Channel in the mid-2000s launched into a new era. They managed to find a new audience, 13-16 year olds. Disney had always been known for Mickey Mouse, their classic animated films, and hating Jews. Since the Jews run the media they had to do something different. And that’s my reasoning behind how Life with Derek got on the air.

life with derek

Life with Derek was a Canadian produced television show. It’s fairly obvious because they talk about getting “marks” on their report cards rather than grades. It seems silly to refer to grades as marks. Marks are what teachers find on a child’s wrist before calling the cops to question their parents. They’re not letters given out to let you know how poorly you’re doing in math.

The premise of the show since nobody ever watched it was very Brady Bunch. A man with two sons and a young daughter meets a woman with two daughters. Their first spouses are either dead now or were bad partners so they get married and move in together. The opening credits pretty much explain this whole situation. It’s like the old B. Arthur show Maude where they let us know Maude is as great as all these famous women and then there’s her, only not as good.

The stars of the show are characters named Casey and Derek. Casey is an uppity, good marks getting, can-do-no-wrong high school student. Life was perfect until her mom remarried and now she has to deal with the title character, Derek. Derek is basically a young Jeff Winger from Community if that means anything to you. He’s cool, doesn’t care about anyone else, and is always getting into trouble. Do I need to tell you about how much clashing that goes on between these two? I won’t. This formula is too obvious.


(Their wrist bands are anti-cancer ones. Derek’s scarf is clearly anti-fashion. Seriously? He looks like he should be promoting cheese doodles)

Casey also has an ugly younger sister with a very boring face. Derek has a younger brother who has homosexual tendencies. His name is Edwin so it’s not a surprise. He also has an even younger sister who is a terrible actress. Let’s not focus on them. The parents are your typical Disney Channel parents. They’re young, attractive, and always there for moral support. Obviously this show is not based on any reality whatsoever.

Most of the show takes place at home. Sometimes they’re at school because like normal people they don’t just sit around in the living room having adventures. The family is way too perfect in every way which is why it made me sick sometimes. I don’t like perfect happy families with “game night” or “swear jars.” Normal families drop F-bombs when they tell their mothers they don’t feel like playing Monopoly. This was something Life with Derek never could do.

Unfortunately for the reader my only memory of this show was thinking how unattractive Casey was. Then a funny thing happened. The second season started and she got really hot. I’m talking I stalked her on MySpace hot. She was played by Ashley Leggat who had many features I look for in a woman; rich, famous, and wears a little too much makeup. She’s also a year older than me so I never felt creepy having these thoughts about her.

Ashley Leggat

(I shouldn’t say I wish I was a cross necklace but I do)

Derek was played by Michael Seater. I don’t like Michael Seater because he ended up dating Ashley in real life. They did always have a lot of sexual tension on the show, even when Casey’s best friend, a light-skinned black girl was always after Derek’s man-goods. I once went on a date with a girl who told me I looked like Derek from Life with Derek. I guess I kind of did back then when I was more youthful and had longer hair. Now my face is always dry and I look more a crust construction worker’s elbow.

All in all I didn’t really tell you anything about this show. Would I recommend it? Yes. If only for the one episode where Casey tries to be a punk. They really did sexualize her a lot later on in the series. Disney Channel shows like this had two formulas, laugh tracks or silly sound effects to replace the laugh tracks. This show went with the silly sound effects. Considering this show basically gave Community the Jeff Winger character, had its stars in an off-screen non-blood related incestuous relationship before Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall from Dexter did it, I would say Life with Derek is worth giving a shot if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

12 thoughts on “Life With Derek

  1. “I would say Life with Derek is worth giving a shot if you have absolutely nothing else to do.”

    High praise, indeed.

    LOL marks v grades.

  2. I realized this show was Canadian when they said that they wanted to go to London for the weekend. London, Ontario. And they said sorey instead of sorry.
    My brother and I were always fascinated with Life with Derek. It was almost so bad that it turned into good. Why would they call it Life with Derek and not Life with a whole new family a an annoying step parent. Hmm.

    I didn’t know that Casey and Derek dated in real life! That makes me happy. I hated all the younger siblings on the show. Especially Edwin because he was like Mexican for some reason and totally didn’t fit in.

    Also, the light skinned black girl was in Zenon: The Zequel. I recognized her for some reason. She was also in a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) called The Color of Friendship which I avoided at all costs. And in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark!

    • Wow the light-skinned black girl really made a career for herself. Didn’t she have a name like Emily? I got too lazy to look it up. Sometimes I like to write this based on knowledge already in my mind.

      The younger siblings were awful. Only Casey and Derek were good characters, maybe even good actors. The parents were such insecure pushovers too. Maybe that’s how they do it in Canada. I still feel bad for this show because it was a lot better than other things albeit the plot wasn’t very original.

    • Christ, you have some large race obsession. “Light skinned black girl?” “Mexican didn’t fit in with a white family?” You probably go into the grocery store and overemphasize the name of some food if it says “Asian” or “Hispanic” before it.

  3. “Disney had always been known for Mickey Mouse, their classic animated films, and hating Jews. Since the Jews run the media they had to do something different.”

    I never thought i’d live to see the day where an anti-racism statement would come before a racist one. Holy shit “jews control the media,” that’s what the paranoid losers on Stormfront say.
    Also pretty funny considering how people gang up on Disney for accused racism but ignore, you know, actual anti-Semites like Hitler or Ahmadinejad.


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