Schoolhouse Rock!

Schoolhouse Rock! was an ingenious idea made by creative people that connected learning with music. It makes sense—it’s easier for people to memorize words and phrases if they’re put to a catchy tune. Simple as that. My mom was a fan of the programming when she was little and she introduced it to me because she knew I was retarded and needed help learning.

The show didn’t have any characters, per se, but it did have memorable songs and episodes. I don’t know how the show was categorized, but my VHS tapes were themed with different school subjects. There was a tape called Science Rock! and one called Multiplication Rock! and so on. The tape with the best songs in my opinion was America Rock! which focused on American history. Here’s a little taste:

That song is bomb, don’t even pretend that it’s lame.

That tape in particular also had a song with the entire Preamble set to words which my mom said helped her pass a test where she had to memorize the document. What kind of Nazi teachers did she have? Although I had to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance in Latin so don’t think for a second that I haven’t suffered.

Apparently there are other videos called Money Rock! and Earth Rock! which weren’t purchased for me because the Earth isn’t important and I think I could figure out money at an early age.

Some of the more popular songs are I’m Just a Bill (talking about the legislative process) Conjunction Junction, Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here, and Three is a Magic Number. All classics, really. Truth is, a lot of the songs are kind of boring (especially I’m Just a Bill) but you have to kind of watch them all to find your favorites.

The animation is really cute and 70’s like. It’s not trying to be anything fancy. It’s just super creative and fun. I have respect for shows that can last decades and still have the same effect on kids.


12 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock!

  1. My 8th grade history teacher made us watch a bunch of these. I still actually remember the Preamable from it. The worst part is I can’t say it without saying “Yee-haw!” at the end.

    • I don’t know if I remember that one! I’ll have to youtube it. The videos are super kind. But yeah for some reason the boys in most of the vids weren’t the brightest…

  2. Conjunction Junction and I’m Just a Bill are the two that stick in my head at the weirdest times. I tried to get my 13 yr old to watch them with me on youtube but she just thought they were weird. They just don’t make them like Schoolhouse Rock anymore!

    • I know right? I feel like kids these days just don’t appreciate them. Maybe thirteen is too old because they aren’t “cool”. Maybe a younger introduction like 6? Haha not that you should know conjunctions when you’re 6…

  3. I would have failed my eighth grade final exam had it not been for School House Rock. I wrote the preamble out in completion. I always wished that all of my education could have been put to music with animation. I would have gotten straight A’s.
    I love Conjunction junction – what’s your function…?

    • Dude, I know. I sourced you on this one! I “showered you with credit” as Spence would say. Conjunction Junction sort of bored me. Almost all the multiplication ones bored me too except 3 Is a Magic Number. I wish all my education had been put to music too…!

    • That’s awesome! That’s definitely the best one off of Multiplication Rock. The rest of them are pretty boring. Especially Figure 8 with that girl who’s ice skating. Do you remember that one?


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