As Told by Ginger

I feel like this show never got as much street cred as it deserved. As Told By Ginger had well developed characters, good back stories, and realistic relationships. It was slightly odd, but all good shows have to be kind of weird otherwise they won’t be memorable.

Much like Doug, Ginger speaks to the audience through her journal. She’s your average girl just trying to make it through life. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother Lois (who talks with a thick east coast accent) and her disgusting brother Carl (or as Lois pronounces his name “Cahl”) who relishes in all things bizarre and grotesque. Ginger has a lot of potential, but these two kind of drag her down. Her mom is sweet, don’t get me wrong, but she has a lot of rules. She doesn’t let Ginger wear makeup for her school picture, or shave her legs. She’s honestly stifling Ginger’s chances at becoming popular. Rude.Wallpaper-Ginger-in-Her-Room-Writing-in-Her-Journal-1024x768-as-told-by-ginger-12589384-1024-768

Luckily, Ginge has a set of really great friends. They’re not the cutest, but they get the job done. Darren is Ginger’s next door neighbor and he usually climbs up to her window from the latticework on the side of her house. It took me a long time to remember the word lattice. Ugh. Darren is super nice and cute. His only downfall is that he has headgear that takes up his whole face so the audience didn’t realize how cute he was until later seasons when he got it removed. He also became more popular because of this too.

Most of the people in Ginger’s grade change their clothes for each episode but Carl’s friends wear the same outfits every day. Darren wore the same outfit every ep until he got his head gear off. And then I think he and Ginger became romantically involved. They kissed in a couple episodes and in the As Told by Ginger TV movie.

Dodie and Macie are Ginger’s best girl friends. Neither of them are very cute or popular. They’re smart, but smarts only get you so far. Dodie is a good friend, but she’s kind of obsessed with Ginger. She got really mad when Ginger got accepted to study at this arts school for a semester. She gets kind of hysterical. I don’t know how Ginger handles her. Macie is kind of a worry wart. She has asthma and the worst haircut ever. And a hunchback now that I think about it. She’ll definitely grow up to be an old cat lady.

Dodie and Macie. Yikes, right?

Dodie and Macie. Yikes, right?

Courtney Gripling is the most popular girl in school. Mostly because she has the most money ever. She lives in a mansion and has butlers and helicopters. Her family has posh British accents—if that’s not a sign of wealth, I don’t know what is. Occasionally she acts like a big biotch, but by the later seasons, she really takes a liking to Ginger Foutley. In fact, when Ginger gets accepted to arts school, Courtney has an outright breakdown and surrounds herself with Dodie and Macie to remind her of Ginger.

Courtney’s best friend Miranda is a huge jerk and is totally jealous of Courtney’s love for Ginger. Miranda also has a lot of money, but not as much as Courtney. Miranda will stoop to low levels to get Ginger out of her life forever, but none of them really work.

Courtney and Miranda.

Courtney and Miranda.

Carl and his friends are actually an important part of the show. He and his best friend Robert Joseph “Hoodsy” Bishop spend most of their time in a dog house that they converted into a club house. Hoodsy gets his name because he always wears a hoodie with the hood up. They take delight in all things weird and gross. Surprisingly, so does Courtney’s younger brother Blake Gripling. Although it wouldn’t seem like it from the way he dresses—blazer, khaki shorts and loafers.

Overall, As Told by Ginger is an awesome show. The characters are really deep and developed and the animation is super cool. The people who animated this show also did Ah! Real Monsters and Rocket Power.


7 thoughts on “As Told by Ginger

  1. I never watched this show because it came on a little too late and it seemed to be about girl problems. That was the problem with so many clever shows like this, it seemed too childish to appreciate at the time when really it’s best audience would have been older kids, 17-20, they’ve lived enough life to appreciate it. I hope I can retire when I’m 40 and watch all these shows. Seriously. As much as I spent my childhood watching television I still missed out on so much.

    • Yeah this show was definitely more girly than guy-y. I can understand why you would skip it. It’s weird because Ginger was the same age as we were (graduated in 06) but she always seemed younger for some reason.

      Paul and I were watching comedy central or spike or something and he was saying how he liked adult cartoons. And I realized that I haven’t really met a cartoon I haven’t liked. I will watch things that are meant for 2 year olds and shows meant for 30 year olds and everything in between. I guess they just speak to my soul. But yeah there are always shows that I missed out on and that’s always depressing.

  2. I loved this show. I didn’t even know it was by the same people who did “Rocket Power”, but I can sort of see that in the animation. I was always a bit envious of Ginger because she got to just live with her mom, which is what I wanted as a fellow child of divorce. Moms are way cooler and they understand boy problems much better.

    I never understood why she kept hanging out with Dodie and Macie. Besides their dumb names, they were total spazes and waaay more uncool than Ginger. She would have gotten cooler way faster if she just kicked those dolts to the curb.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen the show “Wild Thornberrys”, but I sort of felt like Ginger and Eliza could have been awesome friends. Or at least pen pals.

    • Omg you’re so right about Ginger and Eliza. Also, the animation is the same for that show as well, so they must have the same creators.
      I totally agree about Dodie and Macie. They always bugged me. Ginger could’ve gotten in with Courtney and been one of the most popular girls in school. So frustrating. We obviously know what’s best for her.
      Moms are usually way better than dads. I have yet to find a person who prefers their dad over their mom.
      Do you remember the Camp Caprice episode of the show? It was so good. Also, remember how Macy Gray sang the theme song? Hahah so random.

      • Omg, -quick Wiki-check- Macy Gray DID sing the theme song. Ack. And I loved the Camp Caprice episode. Now I have to go see if Netflix or Hulu has it…

  3. I really like the animation on this show. Also the complex characters are great because they don’t insult the audience- it’s like the makers of the show are writing up, not down.
    Lattice! Haha! I hate when that happens.

    • Lol lattice…!

      That’s funny that you said that about the animation because you liked the animation on Rocket Power as well and they are the same group who did this show. But yeah, I love the cartoons where there are back stories and complex characters. It’s awesome.


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