The Secret World of Alex Mack

It’s hard for me to describe The Secret World of Alex Mack mostly because it doesn’t make sense. In the pilot episode, Alex is walking home from school when she almost gets hit by a truck from a chemical plant (Why is she walking along a busy road? That’s how you get kidnapped. No joke.). The truck swerves out of the way just in time, but one of the barrels full of chemicals crashes onto the road and douses Alex in the substance.

The chemicals cause her to have cool powers and thus made her world become secret. But it’s actually not a secret because her sister knows and so does her best friend.

After the traumatic chemical spill.

After the traumatic chemical spill.

Alex is kind of a boring character. She’s very ordinary and normal except for her powers. I definitely wouldn’t be her friend. Jk I’m not really in a position to turn down friendships. Alex’s dad and mom are pretty normal too. They’re nice, normal people. Her dad works at the plant that dumped the chemical on Alex so she definitely can’t tell him about it. In fact, Alex’s dad’s boss is on a hunt for the person who was caught in the chemical spill and wants to use them as a test subject. I don’t know why Alex wouldn’t want to be a test subject—you get paid for doing nothing. And she always complains about not having enough money. I just solved all her problems.

Alex’s sister Annie is the smart, brainy type who overachieves to no end. She’s fascinated by Alex’s predicament. Alex’s best friend Ray is a cool, down to earth black dude because Nickelodeon made it a point to have a cool, down to earth black dude in every show they aired. He accepts Alex’s problems and powers.

Some of Alex’s powers include morphing into shiny, slippery gel so she can go unnoticed when she sneaks into rooms. When she was learning to use this power, she would often turn back into human form, but she would be naked. I always thought that was so risqué. I was 7 though.

She also had electricity come out of her fingers which could come in handy never. But for some reason they found a purpose for it. Alex also became telekinetic after the spill which makes no sense. Not that her other powers make sense either, but she shouldn’t be able to move things with her mind after getting chemicals spilled on her. She should just be blind and have huge burn marks. Sometimes her skin glows when she’s nervous so I guess that’s kind of like a fault.

Is she really so lazy that she can't pick up her Math book and put it in her bag?

Is she really so lazy that she can’t pick up her Math book and put it in her bag?

Overall, this show was pretty stupid. I just always wanted to see Alex get operated on and have crazy tests done to her.


7 thoughts on “The Secret World of Alex Mack

  1. I always had a huge crush on Alex Mack. She was such a lesbian and I always crushed on the lesbians in school. Did the black dude have powers too? It may have been a different show. I remember a black kid on a Nickelodeon show putting his hand on a closed book and it light up and it meant he had all of the knowledge inside. I know that’s also a plot point from The Matrix but it definitely happened on a Nickelodeon show too.

    Didn’t she date Joseph Gordon Levitt in 10 Thing I Hate About You?

    • Yes! She was the younger sister in 10 Things I Hate About You. I think. Or the older sister? Geeze Julia Stiles is such a lesbo too.

      I don’t remember the black guy book thing but I’m sure it happened. Ray didn’t have powers though. He was normal. He had a ginger friend named Louis though which didn’t seem natural. Also, Louis’ dad was played by Louis Stevens’ dad in Even Stevens. So that’s kind of cool I guess.

    • Hah for some reason I missed this comment! Thanks Momma! I always like solving everyone’s problems on TV shows and finding a way for the show not having to ever exist. I don’t know why. It’s therapeutic I guess!

  2. I’ve never seen the show, but a relative of mine gave me one of the books for Christmas when I was younger. I remember being really pissed off because it like, book 9 out of the series and I hate when people get me random books out of series I’ve never talked about liking.
    I read it anyway because I am a compulsive reader. I remember she was going camping with her family near Area 51 and used her powers to fake aliens landing or something. It was stupid. I gave it away after I read it.

    • That’s so funny and random that someone would give you a book out of that series. I wonder if the books came out after/during the show or before? Weird. I didn’t know there were books but it sounds like they were just as good as the show if not worse.

      • I have strange relatives. They misunderstood “healthy interest in books” as “will read any damn thing we give her”.
        Which is technically true, but I will most certainly *not* like it. So there.

        I think with the Nick stuff, the books usually came after the shows. Except for Goosebumps.


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