They Might Be Giants and Kids Shows: A Study

I always remembered seeing references to the band They Might Be Giants on Nickelodeon. I never thought too much about it until we started delving into kids shows on this blog. I started thinking about how much they were mentioned (which wasn’t much, but it was enough to make an impression on my small brain […]


Unlike other pieces I have written for this site I am not going to look at the show’s Wikipedia page for help. Even more important, I’m not going to watch more than a few episodes on YouTube. I picked a few episodes of this show at random to see if I could understand a thing […]

The Backyardigans

The Backyardians is a more recent show about anthropomorphic animals that have imaginary adventures in their connecting backyards. It’s more exciting than it sounds, trust me. Whenever I babysit I always suggest we watch The Backyardigans much to the children’s chagrin. Sorry that they have such catchy songs. Sorry I admire their craving for fun […]

2013 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards Recap

First, I didn’t watch this when it was on Saturday night. I spent my Saturday night massaging my buttocks trying to figuring out where my nerve is damaged while I watched The Human Centipede 2. Clearly I’m not a kid anymore if I’m having ass pains and content staying in watching bad sequels. Second, I […]


KaBlam! was one of the weirder shows that Nickelodeon aired. I think they were trying to be really creative and it just turned out to be totally bizarre, kind of scary and slightly boring. However, it was refreshing to have a show filled with animated shorts—always hoping that your favorite one would be played during […]


Mooselicker Says: What you are about to read was written by a woman named Laura Wilson. I don’t know much about her, but she seems to hate Iceland and after this I’m thinking I do too. Did you know it’s not really even that icy? That would be like if the United States was divided […]

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

A 1980s National Geographic survey revealed one in four people could not locate The Soviet Union on a map or the Pacific Ocean. I know cocaine was big in the 80s but did it make everyone that stupid? The Soviet Union was pretty much half of Europe. You could accidentally point it out. And the […]


I was one of those people who could get away with liking Pokemon in middle school because my younger brother liked them. Is that an excuse? Maybe not. I have to give props to the creators of Pokemon for thinking up a whole new world with crazy creatures. Now let’s get one thing straight off […]

A Poem for Vanessa Hudgens

Dear Vanessa Hudgens, With you I’d like to grow old and become two loving curmudgeons. We can hate the world together for all they’ve done, We will wake up early and watch the rise of the sun. Your beautiful dark skin and your even darker hair, To describe you in one word would not be […]

Sid the Science Kid

Mooselicker Says: This piece, and it is a piece after all because it is a work of art, is brought to us by a man named Carter Johns. I asked him if he had anything to promote. He said he did not then chased me off with a stick. Anyway, here’s what he wrote. The […]