Little Bear

Little Bear was a sweet show. I have to applaud Maurice Sendak for painting a beautiful picture with his story telling.

Now that that’s out of the way, I need to tear this show apart because there are so many aspects of it that make no sense.

Little Bear, is just that, a little bear. He lives with his mother and father in a house in the forest. Most the characters on this show are animals with anthropomorphic qualities. Which means they are not human, yet they possess human-like characteristics. This is the perfect example of inconsistency in children’s programming. As far as the audience knows, Little Bear’s parent’s names are Mother Bear and Father Bear. Were those their birth names? Like, they were just meant to grow up and be parents? It’s lucky that they found each other because their names work perfectly! Or do all bears start out as Little Bear and then grow up to be Mother or Father Bears? If that’s the case then wouldn’t they get confused with the other Little Bears roaming the forest?

Little Bear was originally a book series that took place during the 1880s. Just FYI.

Little Bear was originally a book series that took place during the 1880s. Just FYI.

I think Father Bear’s brother is named Rusty. How did he get that name? Why isn’t he just Bear? Or Uncle Bear? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Little Bear plays in the forest a lot. I guess his parents aren’t worried about him getting shot by a hunter or anything. His companions are all smaller than him too, but wayyy more mature than he is. I don’t know how he found such normal friends, but he did. Also, these animals would never be caught hanging out together in real life, so that kind of makes me frustrated.

Little Bear’s best friends are Duck, Owl, Cat, and Hen. Try to guess what animals they all are. This show really makes you think outside the box.

Duck is like the Phoebe of the group. She’s super ditzy, silly, and funny. She’s not the most graceful of the animals either. But she’s a good and loyal friend to Little Bear. Let me just remind you that Little Bear is a grizzly bear and would eat Duck in less than a second if this was a real-life scenario.

Cat is super cool, calm, and collected. He likes sitting in trees, laying around, napping, and being sneaky. I really liked Cat. His voice also soothed me. I have to give the creators props because they made the animals stay very true to their basic form even though they could talk and do other human things.

Hen was kind of a bitch. She was bossy and loud and just overall annoying. I don’t know why she was hanging out with them when she should’ve been laying eggs every minute. She was kind of like a motherly figure but the kind of motherly figure that children act out when they’re pretending to be moms.

Why would Owl walk when he can fly?

Why would Owl walk when he can fly? And why is Cat walking like that?

Owl is, you guessed it, wise. I really want to see a show where an owl is depicted like a dummy. Owl can also act too cool for school sometimes which is off-putting. If I were Little Bear, I would definitely eat him and Hen and then just hang out with Duck and Cat.

Also, are all ducks named Duck, all hens named Hen, and so on? We know all cats aren’t named Cat. Also, Little Bear’s parents wear clothes but Little Bear goes around naked. Is there some sort of rule where animals become immodest once they bear children? Little Bear occasionally wears a scarf, hat and mittens when it’s winter. You know what would keep him warm during that time? Hibernation.

Wikipedia says that there are other characters, including a little girl named Emily who befriends Little Bear. This is just teaching kids to go up to random animals and see if they’ll talk to you. I’m an animal lover, but there’s no way in hell that I will choose to approach a grizzly. Okay, maybe a grizzly cub. But seriously, I could just imagine Mother Bear ripping Emily to shreds.

Other characters include a snake named No Feet who lives in Mother Bear’s garden. How does Mother Bear know how to garden? There is also a monkey named Mitzi (who should eventually die living in the forest), Marshmallow who is a, get this, baby albino skunk. Can we get any more random? Kid’s don’t even know what albinos are. I think the creators were feeling so stifled that they eventually cracked and just started to make crazy characters. A mermaid is eventually added to the cast as well.

When I watched the show, it was just Little Bear, his four friends, his parents, and his grandparents. And Rusty. The show was simple, but it was very good quality. Now it sounds like anything goes on the show. Even an albino baby skunk.


9 thoughts on “Little Bear

  1. There were two ways a kid could go. A kid could be a Little Bear fan or a Franklin fan. I went with Franklin. Essentially they were the same thing which we’ve been over before. There are so many more forest animals they could have used before resorting to a Mermaid. Wild boar? Those live in the woods right? Willy the Wild Boar. There. A classic character has been created.

    • I was a fan of both. Granted, I was 16 when I was watching Franklin, and a respectable 11 or 12 when I was watching Little Bear. Franklin was a little more normal. Little Bear was too stupid for my liking. If the Wild Boar was on Little Bear, his name would most likely be Wild Boar.

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  3. A mermaid????? My mind is blown. I mean, animals acting like people and wearing clothes and scarves is crazy enough, but mythological creatures?? Come on.

    I watched the Berenstain Bears as a child. Which is pretty much the same thing, only with more clothes. And less mermaids.

    • I know right? A mermaid doesn’t fit the scene at all. Couldn’t they have added a squirrel or something? Pretty weird.

      Oh yeah Bearenstain Bears was a good show! I liked the books too. I hated how they’re names were Brother Bear and Sister Bear. Hah very similar to Little Bear!

    • Yeah I was too old for both shows when they came out. But I was definitely a fan of both shows. I actually liked Franklin better than Little Bear, but Tim got to writing about it before me!

      I wrote about The Magic School Bus, but it wasn’t my best piece. Tim wrote about Arthur on his main blog and it was one of the things that inspired this blog! Arthur was a great show–good theme song, right?!

  4. Haha! I love the character breakdown and analysis. Little Bear is the leader of a motley crew, let’s be honest. They remind me a little Spencer’s friends – especially the albino skunk! Lol! That when the writer’s went off the rails.

    • Hah thanks! He does have a motley crew. He’s actually one of the motliest. I would basically just watch a show based on the Cat character. Yeah Spencer was definitely a bear in his animal life.

      The writers probably just got too excited when they had the freedom to make new characters!


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