The Best Songs By Villains

Disney movies in particular have produced some great musical numbers. The most memorable parts of any animated (and live action) movies are the songs.  Personally, I was always drawn to the evil songs. Maybe it’s because the first movie I ever saw in theaters was The Little Mermaid when I was three years old. That movie has one of the best villain songs ever. The scary songs made an impression on my sweet little soul and turned it into a poor unfortunate soul.

Poor Unfortunate Souls by Ursula

I used to refer to Ursula as “the water wee” when I was 3. That roughly translates to “the water witch”. She was a witch, when you think about it. She could cast spells, transform, and she had a caldron for crying out loud! In her song, she explains to Ariel what she does for a living—she basically grants people wishes and asks for payment that she knows the other party cannot give. So she ends up turning them into these seaweed things. It’s pretty messed up.

I love the idea of Ursula though. She has the personality of a crazy grandma. And the body of a crazy grandma, actually. Ariel and most of the underwater population are merfolk and Ursula is part octopus which is terrifying. The best line in the song is said when Ursula is trying to convince Ariel to take the deal of having a human body, but not being able to use her voice:

“You’ll have your looks, you’re pretty face! And don’t underestimate the importance of body language!”

Kill the Beast! By Gaston and the Village People (omg someone name their band that)

Gaston was never super scary. He was good looking, so what was there to be afraid of? But let’s be real—no French man has ever looked like Gaston. He wanted the kill Beast because Belle had been locked in his castle for too long. She came home to see her father and brought a magic mirror to see the Beast. And I guess that freaked Gaston out? See, if I was part of the village I would’ve been like, “Yo Belle looks fine to me, and she’s been living in a castle…sooo I think she’s better off than the rest of us.”

Gaston gets everyone riled up and decides that the Beast needs to die because he’s dangerous. I love the line in the song that says, “We don’t like what we don’t understand and in fact it scares us, and this monster is mysterious at least.”

Playing with the Big Boys by Hotep and Huy

This scene is actually from Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt. This movie didn’t get enough street cred as far as I’m concerned. All the other songs in the movie made me want to live in ancient Egypt and this one made me super scared for some reason.

Moses comes to Ramses for like the millionth time asking him to let his people go. To prove that he was a prophet of God, Moses’ staff turned into a snake. In this song, Ramses’ go-to men use their magic to produce the same effects and try to tell Moses to back off. They list all their Egyptian gods and it’s super creepy. Keep an eye out for the shorter character doing the “walk like an Egyptian” dance. PS. Moses is super cute in this scene.

We Are Siamese by Those Skank Siamese Cats

I almost can’t watch this musical number because it gives me so much anxiety. These two cats single-handedly cause Lady to wear a muzzle, and be thrown in the pound. It’s all because of them.

Lady’s owners go away for a while and leave her in the care of their next door neighbor or someone like that (does it really matter?). The woman doesn’t like dogs to begin with. How can you not like dogs? She brings her tag-team Siamese cats into the house and they cause an immense amount of trouble. Lady gets blamed for it all. Super sad times.

Hellfire by Judge Claude Frollo

There are many songs in The Hunchback of Notre Dame that illustrate how gross Frollo is, but most of them are complied of many other singers as well. It’s not a true villain song if the villain isn’t the lead singer.

Hellfire is creepy because it’s basically Frollo saying how he’s tempted by the gypsy, Esmeralda. He hates her and he loves her and decides that if he can’t have her, no one can. So he pretty much burns down Paris to find her. Normal reaction.

Usually churches can give off a spiritual, holy feeling, but this song shows the creepiness that can be attached to members of the church that are totally psycho.

Do you have any favorite songs by villains?

22 thoughts on “The Best Songs By Villains

  1. I’m sure there was something good in Lion King or Aladdin that I really liked but I don’t know for a fact. Villains usually only got one song. The best one on your list is the We Are Siamese. It’s still creepy.

    • Scar has a song in the Lion King, but I didn’t really like it. Haha. And I can’t remember if Jafar had a song? I don’t think he does. We Are Siamese is creepy, for sure. Even their voices scare me.

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  3. I always loved that Drums of War song in Pocahontas. I’m not sure if that’s really a villain song, since it’s sung by the tribe and the white dudes. But technically they’re both the villains because they can’t see what Pocahontas and John Smith see.

    I also love Prince of Egypt a lot. The music is that was Disney-worthy. Anastasia is another one I was surprised wasn’t Disney.

    The We Are Siamese used to scare the shit out of me too. But I’ve always been a dog lover and I was horrified to see Lady so cruelly misunderstood. I would never let my Zoe be pet-sat by such an awful person.

    • I like Drum of War too, but I didn’t realize that it was called that. I always referred to it as the savages song. But I totally get what you’re saying. It counts as a villain song, for sure. I also like Dig for Virginia, but I chose not to mention it for a second time…haha

      Yes! I hate when people assume Anastasia is Disney! That had good songs for sure. I think I’ve only seen it twice though so I really don’t remember it that well.

      We are Siamese is so annoying/scary. I love all animals, but I hate those cats so much. Poor Lady. I know, I hate that woman who pet-sat for Lady. She’s dead to me.

      • She is totally dead. To all of us.

        That’s right, I remember the post about Pocahontas now. I thought I was just having a deja vu sorta feeling. Lol. My two favorite songs from that movie are Dig for Virginia and Drums of War.

        Nothing enrages my best friend (an avid Disney fan) more than saying “Anastasia is my favorite Disney movie!” Sometimes I do it just to see the hot steam come out of her ears. It’s hilarious.
        This may be why I have very few friends.

      • Dig for Virginia is such a good tune. I do love Colors of the Wind and Just Around the Riverbend though…typical.

        Lol haha I love that you say that to bug her. It’s super annoying though. BUT it’s a great why to weed out the people who aren’t true Disney fans! Haha

        Don’t worry, I have very few friends too…hah

  4. Great post. I vote for the Water Wee song. I’m sitting here trying to come up with some other ideas? Why can’t I? Was there a villain song in Hercules? What about the one with David Spade? Pinocchio has a villain song, for sure. What is it? What’s the Dumbo song? So many questions…

    • Thanks! Those are all questions that I asked myself as well. I don’t believe there was a good Villain song in Hercules. It was different because they had the Muses narrate through singing, right? Hades had an awful voice too..! Hah I don’t think there were songs in Emperor’s New Groove besides the ones by Tom Jones.
      I really wanted to find a Pinocchio or Dumbo song, but I don’t think there were any. Sad times!

    • For some reason “Be Prepared” didn’t resonate with me! I thought it was kind of boring. But I can tell you’re a big scar fan (since he’s your avatar)!
      I don’t know if I’m a fan of “We Are Siamese” either! Hah but it kind of fit in well…I guess.

  5. I had The Little Mermaid memorized before I even had children. My mom bought me the movie when I was in high school and I worked at a daycare where once a week we would watch a movie. More often then not, it was The Little Mermaid. One of the little girls reminded me of Ariel and she and I would sing all of the songs. When my oldest was about 2 she discovered “The Mermaid Movie” and from then on it was pretty much watched 17 hours a day. Over and over and over and over… This was before DVD’s (I’m old, remember?) and she actually watched it so many times she broke the tape. I threw that sucker away!!! To this day, almost 20 years later, I can still pretty much recite the entire movie. I totally just sat here and sang Poor Unfortunate Souls!

    • Haha that’s the best! I’m glad you sang it! My parents always like to remind me of how many times I watched videos over and over until they wanted to die. The Little Mermaid is a good one though. So exciting. You’re not old!

      haha “The Mermaid Movie” so cute.

  6. The first song I thought of when I saw this in my reader was the Prince of Egypt one. It’s very nearly my favourite animated film song ever; I don’t care if it makes the villains look good. Oh, and I liked Angelica’s rendition of ‘One Way or Another’ in the first Rugrats film, but I don’t know if that counts…but oh who cares. She’s a villain; she gets to steal stuff anyway. 😉

    • Yes! I love Prince of Egypt. So good. Haha I totally forgot about the Rugrats movie! Didn’t Angelica sing a version of “Vacation” by the GoGo’s too? Maybe that was in a tv episode or something. She’s totally a villain!

  7. Today I had to clean all the bathrooms in my apartment because my mom is coming over and the entire time I had the Gaston song from B&B in my head, the one earlier in the movie when he’s in a tavern. So ridiculous.

    I don’t know if this totally counts as a villain song, but I really like “I Want to Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. This somewhat antagonistic orangutan in the movie – voiced by Louie Prima – sings it and it is really fun. When I was a little kid, I had a cassette with the song on it and I had all but forgotten it until it came up on one of C’s Pandora stations.

    • Yes! That’s such a good song too. I always liked those pretty blonde girls in the tavern. I wanted to be like them haha! Beauty and the Beast has so many good songs. I was about to list some more that I liked, and realized I would’ve named the whole soundtrack.

      That totally counts as a villain song. Louie gets super crazy when he finds out that Baloo isn’t an orangutan. Remember his outfit? A coconut mouth and a hula skirt. I should wear that for Halloween. It would be a double costume. Baloo as an orangutan. Literally no one would understand.

    • Hah yeah I love the Savages song! But I didn’t choose it because it was kind of a two-sided song, instead of one sung by one villain.

      Lol is Prince Ali a villain song? I think Genie sings that one–it’s kind of happy, right? It is catchy though!

      Good choices for sure! Disney has so many fun songs to choose from!

  8. Great list! Those Siamese were such jerks. Two honorable mentions:

    1) The Oogie Boogie song from The Nightmare Befre Christmas. Creepy song, awesome animation
    2) Somewhere Out There. My reasoning is Fievel got himself lost, so he was his own villain, and that song traumatized me about getting lost


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