Tiny Toons

Mooselicker says: Here is a guest post from fellow writer and now official blogger Rose Harmon. You can find her new blog at Red Headed Spitfire.

As children of the ʻ90s, we were firmly entrenched in a very unique time in popular culture. Our toys were basic, our games were dangerous, and we learned social skills before bullying became a buzzword. We grew up in a time before the over-protective parents and schools ruined everything.. The cartoons we watched featured surrealism and self-awareness, without the patronizing tone of later kidsʼ fare. One of the best examples of this was Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures, better known just as Tiny Toons.


The show is set in a Looney Tunes-inspired town called Acme Acres. All of the main characters were modeled after classic Looney Tunes characters, with the premise being that they would be the cartoon stars of the future. There were Buster and Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and others based on the characters of our parentsʼ and grandparentsʼ era.

Without the explanation from a weary Baby Boomer, many of the references and jokes on this show would have been lost on me. Featuring frequent parodies and references to current events and Hollywood culture, this show was before its time in being a cartoon that would have appealed to college kids and others outside the usual demographic. However, instead, it foisted Of Mice and Men quotes and Saturday Night Live spoofs upon 7-year-olds who only laughed because they were said in a funny voice.

Much like many other films, shows, and cartoons from our childhoods, repeated viewing once older provides a starkly different experience. Perhaps itʼs time to revisit this show again, lest it be overshadowed by its more well-known ʻ90s counterparts. Better still, this time we will actually laugh when we watch the homages to everything from Star Trek to Twilight Zone, to Citizen Kane.

Mooselicker says: Now here’s a clip of the show for you to further your education on what is essentially The Muppet Babies for Looney Tunes. Why would they spell it as Tiny Toons if it’s Looney Tunes? This inconsistency bugs me to no end.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Toons

  1. I forgot how good this show was. I remember the Twilight Zone parodies, but not much else. Animaniacs was a lot like Tiny Toons, only a little bit edgier. The premise of this is great though. Maximilian was my least favorite character. He was too mean.

  2. I remember this thirteen something episode in particular. This was such a quality show. It didn’t belittle the audience. It made me feel smart, which was rare. And I love how Buster and Bab’s teachers were the old Looney Tunes characters. Perfect.


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