KaBlam! was one of the weirder shows that Nickelodeon aired. I think they were trying to be really creative and it just turned out to be totally bizarre, kind of scary and slightly boring. However, it was refreshing to have a show filled with animated shorts—always hoping that your favorite one would be played during new episodes.

The theme of KaBlam! was “where cartoons and comics collide.” Think Robot Chicken but for kids. There were two animated hosts, Henry and June. Henry had green hair and tan skin and June had white skin and blue hair. I don’t get it either. They would both make little jokes at the beginning and in between shorts. Their jokes were bad, but I guess someone had to host the show.

I can't look away from June's man-hands.

I can’t look away from June’s man-hands.

Also, whoever the artist was that created Henry and June was awful. I can draw better than him/her. Still wondering why Nickelodeon hasn’t hired me for their creative team yet.

The first cartoon that KaBlam! introduced us to was Sniz and Fondue. Apparently they were two ferret “roommates” that get on each other’s nerves. I always thought they were cat brothers. If I can’t tell what animal you draw, then you’re a bad artist. I’m sensing a bad animation theme arising. There wasn’t anything new or different about Sniz and Fondue. Like, how many odd couples can Nickelodeon possibly think up?SnizNfondue

A common short that was featured on the show was Action League Now!. This show kind of bored me at times, but I do have to give them props for using a stop motion camera and actual action figures. It was new and different and I appreciated it for what it was worth. I was mature for my age, okay? The action league was kind of funny because they were all so stupid. They tried to solve crimes in sunny suburbia but always ended up melting or getting carried away by a neighborhood dog or something. Action League Now! was the only short to appear in every single episode of KaBlam!. Maybe because they both had unnecessary exclamation points?tumblr_lt6jwwR3Bv1qdygito1_500

Life with Loopy was definitely my favorite segment of the show. The animation was awesome the show was so weird that it was almost creepy. The show was through Loopy’s brother, Larry’s eyes. Loopy was his younger sister and got into all sorts of trouble. My favorite episode was when she lost Larry’s baseball in the couch cushions and had to dive into the piece of furniture. It turned out that the couch was miles deep…and I don’t know. It sounds really lame now but I swear it was cool.

The most boring short in KaBlam! was Prometheus and Bob. I don’t know why the creators thought that kids would be interested in a claymation friendship of an ignorant caveman (Bob) and an alien (Prometheus) but they decided to give it a shot. Often times I would leave the room when Prometheus and Bob came on because it bored me to tears. I’m not even going to include a picture because I hate them so much.

The Offbeats was a short cartoon about loser kids that wanted to be popular. One of them was voiced by Mischa Barton so I guess that’s kind of cool. They kind of reminded me of the Peanuts gang, but less loveable. And then I would realize how much I would rather watch Charlie Brown than this lame show.tumblr_lt8a9cGqHs1qi6r83o1_400

Lastly, one of the shows I really enjoyed was Angela Anaconda. The animation was awesome because it used pictures of real kid’s faces as the characters but they gave them drawn on bodies. Kind of clever. Angela was an unkempt nerdy girl just trying to make it through school. Her nemesis was a girly girl Nanette who made fun of Angela daily. It was a cute show and eventually got picked up by Fox and made into a real show. I always had good taste in kid’s shows.angela_anaconda-show

KaBlam! was filled with random clips, cartoons, and even some music videos. It was weird, but Nickelodeon was a weird channel. When I was young, I would’ve rather watched a weird show than play outside.


23 thoughts on “KaBlam!

  1. I remember everything about this show except for the hosts. I never put together that these shows were all really part of one show. Action League Now was big with boys. I had one of the “guys” too, the swimming one. He’s a real GI Joe. Life with Loopey and Angel Anaconda always scared me. You know what, I think this entire show was a little frightening.

    Now stop bitching and try to get a job with Nickelodeon http://www.nickartist.com/

    Actually, I think they hate white people, especially white men. Look at the writer alumni list and how much they don’t look like me http://www.nickwriting.com/category/2011-2012/

    • I remember you saying that you didn’t know what KaBlam! was and I was like so confused because it was always on. Glad you know what I was talking about. Yeah I figured Action League Now was targeted towards guys. The show was definitely terrifying, but it was pretty likeable on the whole.

      I could never be an artist/animator/creator. I’m too retarded. But yeah there aren’t any white people there. No wonder Nick shows were so multicultural!

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  3. This show was on its way in when I was getting older, so I only really remember watching it when I was babysitting. I thought Action League Now was moderately amusing, but since it didn’t make my babysitting time pass any quicker, I simply cannot give it my seal of approval.

    • Understandable. This show lacked some luster for sure. I think it was created because Nickelodeon wanted to show off all the different ways you could animate a show. Ahh babysitting. So many hours watching the clock…

  4. Angela Anaconda for the win! I loved that one! Action League Now was okay, but I always wanted it to be funnier than it was. I remember all of these shows, but the hosts look totally foreign to me like I don’t even recognize them at all. I guess that’s how lame and unmemorable they were?

    • Yeah Angela Anaconda was actually pretty entertaining! I wanted ALN to be funnier than it was too! It was always so close to being good but not quite there.
      Henry and June were pretty lame. You probably subconsciously blocked any knowledge of them so you could save brain space for more important things. Haha!

  5. Life with Loopy definitely added to the many reasons I was glad I absorbed my twin sister in the womb. And you’re so right about Prometheus and Bob, I want the creators to be waterboarded in kind for every stupid second I wasted on that visible diarrhea. Well, I guess all diarrhea is visible now that I think about it. TOO MUCH COFFEE

    • Your comment is way better than my entire post. Hahah I totally want the creators to be waterboarded. One time my mom was talking to my brother and I and she was like, “Waterboarding looks like fun.” Hmmm okay.
      Life with Loopy was so weird. But it was memorable for that reason. I’m pretty sure there was an episode about her dad’s toe being infected or something. So messed up.

      • I loved Loopy, very inventive and visually stimulating; I just never wanted a little sister losing my baseball cards to the couch monsters.

        I tried waterboarding myself with a rag on my face in the shower, because I’m a weird person, and what I realized was 1) you totally can’t do it to yourself, 2) 20 minute showers are awesome; and 3) I love living in the 1st World

      • Hahaha that sounds like something I would do. 20 minute showers are awesome. Do people take showers faster than that? Gross. Living in the first world/God’s blessed country/the promised land is the best because we can waterboard ourselves. Reason enough.

  6. My favorite part of “Action League Now!” was that the main bad guy was an evil mayor. That amused 11 year old me to no end. I guess that explains why girls didn’t (don’t) like me.

    • I don’t remember the evil mayor. It kind of rings a bell but not really. This show clearly made a big impact on me. Haha I’m sure if you let your 11 year old self shine every once in a while, tons of girls would be after you.

      Then again, I really shouldn’t be speaking for other girls.

  7. Ahhh! I remember this! Like everyone’s already saying though, I don’t recognize the hosts at all. But I loves ALN and Angela Anaconda. I didn’t know Fox made a version of it. Still animated or like, with the actual people the photos are of? Fox would ruin it by doing that.

    • I didn’t realize how many people liked ALN. Was I the only one who wasn’t that into it? I think Fox kept Angela Anaconda the way it was surprisingly. They’re known for messing things up for sure. I didn’t know they made it into a full length show until I was researching it for this post….weird.

  8. I’m pretty sure ALN appeared on other shows too. In fact, Google agrees (and Wikipedia confirms) it started out as a sketch for All That. So, yeah; I can’t wait until I can find a way to monetize my stupid memories.

    • Okay you should be the treasurer of Kidz Showz and figure out a way for us to gain a profit with all of our kids show wisdom.
      That’s so weird that you know this fact. I don’t remember seeing it on All That, but I’ll take your word for it. If it’s on Wikipedia, it must be true.

  9. I used to love this show (I had a freakin’ website for it. Ashamed? Yes.), but as years went on, I realized that well…this show actually wasn’t that great. Henry and June were badly drawn (The only thing that kind of saves their “segment” is that I’ve talked to the creator (Mark Marek) of those shorts online and he’s a really nice guy), made crappy jokes, and changed personality every season. Sniz & Fondue were pretty funny, but the premise is just overdone. Action League Now! was really funny, but some of the later ones weren’t that great. Life with Loopy was okay, I enjoyed the characters, but the animation was pretty dang creepy (And cheap- you could see a lot of the strings and wires used to control the characters). Prometheus and Bob…god, this was the most repetitive thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I loved The Off-Beats- the music, the characters, the art, yeah. And I met Mo Willems (The short’s creator) at a book signing, and he’s really nice, too.

    So yeah, I think the only reason why I was freaking obsessed with this show years ago was because of the overall nostalgia filter, and the fact that I think my friends and I were more drawn to its rarity (Never released on video or DVD and had half the episodes missing for repeats) than its quality. My former boyfriend and I even met from being fans of the show. And once I found out he was going out with another girl without telling me, I couldn’t stomach watching it anymore without thinking of him. So yeah, KaBlam is dead for me. Some usernames I use with the show’s name in it I do continue to use, really only because I’m not making other accounts just to change my name.

    (Oh, and thanks for linking the Loopy short I uploaded years ago 🙂 )

    • Wow sounds like you are a KaBlam! fanatic! It was a pretty cool show, so you made a good choice about which show to be obsessed over. Hah! That’s crazy that I uploaded your video! Thanks for letting me use it! I’ve never had a follow up of anyone who’s videos I’ve used, so it’s kind of cool that you’re here!
      That’s awesome that you got to meet the creators and everything. Sorry that your ex bf ruined the show for you. Bummer. I guess you’ll just have to find a new show to go crazy about 😉

      • It’s okay, I have a show I’m already crazy about- Recess! I even have a message board for it ^^
        And you’re welcome 🙂

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