The Backyardigans

The Backyardians is a more recent show about anthropomorphic animals that have imaginary adventures in their connecting backyards. It’s more exciting than it sounds, trust me. Whenever I babysit I always suggest we watch The Backyardigans much to the children’s chagrin. Sorry that they have such catchy songs. Sorry I admire their craving for fun and exploration. Sorry I’m in charge and we’re watching The Backyardigans for 3 hours.

This group of kids (I call them kids because they’re more like kids than animals, trust me) are unique in that they all get along and they have fun no matter what they chose to do. And they don’t force one person to be the bad guy every time like my group of friends did. If you play an excellent bad guy, you’ll probably be playing him forever.wB27Q2EXsG0dZ4SpTmHdvrLQ55C

These guys have way better imaginations than my friends and I had. Or any kid had for that matter. They go all over the globe—seeking treasure in the jungles of South America, finding scientific discoveries in the Arctic, dressing up as lost pharaohs in ancient Egypt—these guys do it all. When I was their age (and I don’t know why I’m pretending that they’re real or have ages…) I didn’t know what South America was or the Arctic or Egypt. So how am I supposed to believe that young animals know so much about these subjects that they can fully imagine themselves there?

My favorite Backyardgian has to be Pablo the penguin. He’s so cute and he does this little penguin waddle in the intro that makes me smile. Pablo is the most normal, besides the fact that his name is Pablo of course. I think they rarely make him the bad guy because he’s so nice. They never show any of the character’s parents (what if they don’t have any like Max and Ruby?!) but I can only assume that his little penguin family would be adorbs.

There's so much going on in this picture.

There’s so much going on in this picture.

Tyrone is an orange moose who I would label the “fat kid” if there wasn’t also a hippo in the group. Tyrone is the fattest of the guys I guess. What is a moose doing in a community where his next door neighbor is a penguin? Also, could the creators have not picked a more lovable creature, like a bear or something? A moose? Really? Okay Tyrone the moose. Whatever. Tyrone also wears a horizontal striped shirt that does absolutely nothing for his figure. Yikes.

Uniqua is a fake animal resembling a lizard or something. But she’s the same size as a moose who’s the same size a penguin…?! Wait this is so messed up. Have these animals had chemicals released into their systems? Is their subdivision really in someone’s laboratory? Omg I should write a creepy fan fiction about this. No one steal my idea. Anyway, Uniqua is definitely the black character if there was one. Mostly because the person who does her voice is black. I can just tell without having to look it up. Also, a made-up name like Uniqua? Yeah okay.

Tasha is a female hippo who is yellow. Have you ever seen a yellow hippo? I know you haven’t so I don’t even know why I’m asking. Tasha definitely doesn’t belong in this neighborhood. She should also be walking on all fours. Actually, so should Tyrone. What is wrong with these animals? I have to give Tasha props though because she plays a good villain. She seems like the most level-headed out of all the kids. Apparently she’s the oldest of the group according to Wikipedia. How do they know that? I don’t think there was an episode where she proclaimed that she was the oldest, but what do I know? Everything.

Please notice how Pablo is the best.

Please notice how Pablo is the best.

Lastly, there’s Austin the purple kangaroo. Austin is my least favorite because I had watched a couple of episodes and he wasn’t in them (sometimes not all of the characters are in each episode so it’s kind of like real life when not all of your friends are able to play outside). Then one day I watched an episode where he was in it and I was like “Who is this bitch?!” Obviously I used more appropriate language while I was babysitting, but I still made it known that I didn’t like Austin. What could he possibly have been doing on the days that he wasn’t there? Watching TV? Being grounded for doing kangaroo things? I’m so unclear.

On the whole, I really respect The Backyardigans. They make their odd friendship work and they manage to not eat each other which is super advanced for wild animals. Also, they sing some pretty cool songs.


12 thoughts on “The Backyardigans

  1. I don’t like this anti-moose speak.

    Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, and Tasha are all ethnic sounding names. Could it be possible they’re all not white? These characters were all terribly named. They should have used alliteration or had their animal named something similar to what they are. They kangaroo should be Sydney. The moose should be something with an M. Tasha the hippo actually feels right.

    The way you described the plot in which they combine backyards is basically Big Love except for without the polygamy.

    • Maybe there is polygamy and the audience just doesn’t know it.
      I had a husky named Tasha. That seems more right than a hippo named Tasha. They actually all sound ethnic except for Austin and Pablo. And Tasha maybe.
      I forgot about your love for mooses (moose? Meese?).

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  3. That’s right, you show those kids who’s boss.

    If Backyardigan is a portmanteau of “Backyard” and “hooligan”, these kids should be getting into a lot more soccer brawls.

    Also, none of them are goats, so there are no kids. Besides that, first-rate summating. I love how you get so offended that they don’t play by the rules of normalcy. I too get unhealthily upset at cartoons that don’t play by our rules because, damnit, what kids need to grow up believing in a world of infinite possibility?

    If you like penguin waddling, you should check out Pecola. Or, don’t . Please for the love of God don’t.

    • Okay honestly I had to check it out because I’d never heard of Pecola before. And now I know what hell would be like. That is terrifying.
      I never made the connection of backyard + hooligans. Maybe that’s what they were going for. But you’re right–there’s really no hooligan behavior in the show so it doesn’t really make any sense.
      Could you imagine how boring a goat character would be? Heh

  4. “If you play an excellent bad guy, you’ll probably be playing him forever.”–that is so true!

    I never watched the show. (But I looked up their opening theme which is actually pretty cool! haha) No wonder kids love this show though: anthropomorphic animals + exploration theme = super mega hit tv series.

    You’re probably right about their backyard being some mad scientist’s chem lab. At least Uniqua’s. There’s something very wrong with those spots…

    • Haha right? My friends must have been so bossy to make one person be the bad guy hah!
      The opening intro is cute right? I like that little song and I love Pablo’s waddle!
      Yeah Uniqua’s spots are pretty alarming!

    • lol I hope you wouldn’t remember this show since I only started watching it last year. It’s pretty recent, but it’s good. Lots of catchy songs!


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