The Land Before Time

Before there was Ice Age there was The Land Before Time. Released in 1988 then again sometime in the early 90s by McDonald’s which is how I got a copy of it, the original The Land Before Time is a classic film dealing with the ever present modern day political issue of young dinosaurs. (I […]

The Lawrence Brothers

This is not the title of a show. But if there was a show with all of the Lawrence brothers in it, I would totally watch it. Oh wait, there was. But it was terrible so I didn’t watch a lot of it. That being said, the Lawrence brothers were good in every possible way. […]

Freaks and Geeks: Where’d I See That Face?

I started watching the cult classic television show Freaks and Geeks not too long ago. I suppose if you’re a house fly it was a really long time ago. Don’t they live like a day? What’s the point in their existence? Throughout watching it there were many faces I recognized and some I didn’t, looked […]


Mooselicker says: This was written by Carter Johns. This is his second contributing piece. He’s a good man obsessed with portmanteaus. If you know what that word means then I ask, how’s the economy treating you college boy?  Rebound perpetuates the ridiculous, insulting, and, frankly, racist notions that 1) Martin Lawrence is a believable lead and […]

Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Few kid’s shows span generations. Scooby Doo, Where Are You is one of them. If anything I think this is a credit to the popularity of marijuana. Everyone knows by now Scooby Doo is nothing more than a show about four potheads and a dog that sort of talks but not really. Is it more […]

Angelina Ballerina

Mooselicker Says: The woman who wrote this as serious anger issues. I’m convinced. I know how to spot a menace to society when I see one. The actress who plays Merry over at …And Baby Makes Five… wrote this anti-English, anti-ballet, anti-rat or whatever it is Angelina Ballerina is supposed to be. Without anything else to […]

Dennis the Menace

Rather than do separate pieces on the original Dennis the Menace Show, the cartoon, and the movie, I am going to fit them all into one. They’re all pretty much about the same thing, a blonde haired boy named Dennis who is a bit of an asshole. (They had to say he was a menace […]