My brother and I really enjoyed Braceface for a lot of reasons. One reason was that we were at the perfect age to appreciate the embarrassing, yet normal life of Sharon Spitz. Maybe we related to Sharon because her mom, like our mom, was a therapist. Maybe we liked the fact that Sharon’s brother was abnormally tall, and my brother was abnormally tall. It all just made so much sense for us. Oh and it had a really catchy theme song which never hurts.braceface

In the first episode of the first season Sharon finds out that she has to get braces. She’s in middle school which is kind of a late time to get braces, but at least she won’t have adult braces which we all know is disgusting (no offense to those of you who have braces as adults, but seriously yikes). Anyway, Sharon’s life is pretty much over because the guy that she likes, Alden, asked her to the dance and then she had to get metal put on her teeth. Also, her name is Sharon…sooo she already had a strike against her.

The thing is, her teeth were perfectly straight. Like, her dentist, Dr. Hurtz, should be dis-barred or dis-dentisted or whatever. He shouldn’t be able to practice dentistry is what I’m trying to say. Why give people braces when they don’t need them? At least offer them Invisaline or a night time retainer for simple correction. WHY AM I A BETTER DENTIST THAN HE IS?

Luckily, Sharon has a great support group of two friends (which is 2 more friends than anyone reading this post has) Maria Wong, and Connor Something. I don’t know Connor’s last name ( actually I do, I just Wikipedia’d it.) and it’s not important. Okay fine, it’s MacKenzie. Connor is the nerdy, allergic type. He’s a smart, nice, reliable friend. He’s also really pale which is kind of alarming. Maria Wong is Asian and outgoing and sporty and kind of annoying.braceface-1

Sharon’s rival at school is Nina Harper. She has long red hair and she’s actually really mean and horrible to Sharon which made her an excellent character. I hate when bullies aren’t mean enough, ya know? Who wants a wimpy bully?

Sharon, voiced by Alicia Silverstone, has a never ending love for Alden Jones. He’s nice, kind of boring, and really cute. Eventually he and Sharon start dating but then I think they break up in one of the later seasons. Nina also likes Alden and tries to steal him away from Sharon a lot of the time. Which is annoying and it gets old.

One of the best things about Sharon is that her family has 5 pets. Awesome right? She also has two brothers. Adam, the older brother is technically a giant, I think. And her younger brother Josh is some kind of piano genius. I think he’s voiced by Michael Cera which is really weird and random. This was definitely pre-Arrested Development.

The theme of the show is basically that Sharon’s life becomes harder because of her braces. I think her braces have some sort of electric energy running through them, which sounds super painful. Sometimes she can pick up radio signals and cell phone signals through the metal and hear people talking about her. Of course she only picks up convos that have to do with her. Convenient.Ā images

It’s a good show but Alicia Silverstone stopped doing the voice for Sharon after the first two seasons which is lame. Remember when Disney took over Doug and changed the voices? Scarring. So I basically stopped watching once things changed. Also, every episode is pretty much the same. The show does teach us, however, that braces are the worst and you’re automatically gross once you have them.


17 thoughts on “Braceface

  1. hahaha! I love this post! I love your comment about adult braces and that you’re a better dentist than the one on the show!! LOL! I think I would have liked this show if I had seen it — especially knowing that her mom was a therapist and the brother was way tall. No wonder you guys liked it.

  2. I so remember watching this on ABC family. What a downgrade for Alicia Silverstone… but then again, anything after Clueless is a downgrade.
    I got braces freshman year of high school šŸ˜¦ it was awful…

    • A total downgrade for sure. I think Clueless and those Aerosmith music videos were the pinnacle of her career. Sad times.
      In elementary school I was super jealous of kids who had braces because they all seemed to be popular. At least you have perfectly straight teeth now! It’s sad but worth it in the long run!

      Also, I will heed your suggestion and check out Crush! Sounds like something I would like! šŸ™‚ You know me too well…

  3. Speaking as a fellow Silverstone fan, have you ever seen a movie with her called Crush? It’s thoroughly creepy and I think you’d like it.

    • I definitely remember Crush, and Excess Baggage, and The Babysitter. I’ve always held it against Reese Witherspoon that her rise to prominence pushed Alicia out of the spotlight..

  4. I’m curious how many braces related plots they could even have. The initial reaction of people seeing them, the radio signals, getting food stuck in them, and nothing else. Are braces really that big of a deal though? Are middle school kids all fat where they make fun of seeking medical attention now?

    Do you know what show has the best teeth? The prison show Oz. It was the most inaccurate thing on the show other than them never installing cameras after someone gets killed every week.

    • Braces are traumatizing and I think the show just gave people hope that you can keep living your life even if you have a mouth full of metal. But yeah nothing else really happened in the show.

      I hate when you spot something like that on a prison show. It’s so unrealistic. They should have bruises and burns and cuts everywhere. Everyone should just leave the makeup and casting up to us.

  5. I agree; I also dislike change. Didn’t they give some of the Doug characters different clothing too? When they gave Patty Mayonnaise that terrible crop cut, my childhood died.

    For what it’s worth, I’d let you be my dentist. But I make terrible life decisions.

    • Yes. When they put Patty in pants and Doug in capris….what were they thinking?! But yeah Patty’s cropped hair was by far the most shocking thing they could have done. I still have trust issues with Disney for this reason.
      I would be a terrible dentist, but at least I would have one customer. Thanks Carter!

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  7. I have a friend that thinks braces and eyeglasses make a girl more attractive than she already is. Good thing I never had braces–imagine him falling for me…eeyuck! Only a guy would say braces are attractive, a weird guy. No wait, I take that back. He’s a friend after all. The last time I called someone a weirdo he practically died less than two days after. I’m really sorry Roger Ebert. šŸ˜¦

    • That’s kind of weird. But I used to think that braces were cool. However I was in elementary school and really dumb.
      Aww poor Roger Ebert. I actually met him once! But it was before he kind of feel apart… šŸ˜¦


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