Flash Forward

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Oh, Flash Forward. What can I say about Flash Forward that hasn’t already been said? Everything. Because nothing has ever been said about it.

flash forward logo

(So few people talk about this show that this is the best picture on the Internet of their logo. It’s so bad it didn’t even deserve to have the giant wide space below edited out)

Flash Forward was a 1996 original Disney series (the first, actually) about a ne’er do well boy embarking into the foibles of junior high and it is, in my opinion, shamefully underrated. It hearkens back to a better time, when bullying was socially acceptable and people still thought it was weird for girls to be on the wrestling team. I still remember the first episode I stumbled across while messing around with the aluminum foil and hanger antenna on top of our TV that my brothers and I made because my parents were too cheap to buy cable. They gave us some bull crap about books and family time and blah blah blah, but we knew they were just cheap.

Tuck James and his gal pal/ lifetime neighbor Becca Fisher had been paired up in health class to take care of a baby together. Which, can I just say for a second, seems like we’re mixing up what we teach in health class. In the 90s we still taught abstinence and gave out fake babies to keep alive. Now we hand out birth control but babies are controversial. Anyway, it was Tuck’s turn to take the baby home and he somehow immediately melted it’s hand off. He fixed the problem by duct taping a lobster claw to the amputated arm. My eight-year-old self thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen in my life (which it probably was because it was my first time successfully picking up cable).

Tuck James was played by Ben Foster. Why Ben Foster is not all up in everybody’s face by now is a mystery to me. Sure his eyes are a little close together, but so are Ryan Gosling’s and he seems to be doing alright. Foster has had a couple good roles, my favorite being Charlie Prince from  the 2007 remake of 3:10 to Yuma, but other than that he hasn’t gotten much play.

Tuck’s friend Becca was played by Jewel Staite, who is proof that with Canadian ancestry and over-zealous parents anyone can be an actress. She went on to co-star in the TV series Firefly and it’s spin-off movie Serenity. The show had some other characters, Disney had to throw in some minorities. Miles Vaughn was Tuck’s black friend and Christine Harrison was Becca’s unidentifiable ethnic friend (her real name is Asia so I’m guessing she’s Mexican). Becca’s older sister was played by Rachel Blanchard who surprisingly always gets the role of a ‘hot chick’. She only hung around for 3 episodes though because she had to leave to play Cher on the CW’s Clueless.

 flash forward

The show only lasted one season, and I don’t think I watched TV again until I was 12. Disney hasn’t released it on DVD (yet!) but if you don’t mind watching youtube videos of people recording their TVs you can find some episodes there.

Mooselicker says: Thanks for writing this up Jessica. I had never heard of this show. I also found out recently Japan is not a city in China so what does my opinion matter?

9 thoughts on “Flash Forward

  1. Thanks for writing this up Jessica/Jess/You. Ben Foster’s role in 3:10 to Yuma was great. He was non-threatening looking physically, but something about him was still frightening. I could see him playing a great psycho in something else. Flash Forward the movie? Could they create an entirely new plot and just have him kill people?

    • Oh, absolutely. He was a loose cannon. Or they could just get punny with the title and make a movie about him flashing his forward to people. I’d watch it. Twice.

  2. “her real name is Asia so I’m guessing she’s Mexican” — Fantastic.

    Apparently Foster was also in Six Feet Under? I don’t know because I had friends and never watched that show. (I’m lying about the friends, but I still have never seen it.)

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  4. Awesome post Jessica! I hadn’t heard of this show. I like the lack of pictures and the lack of cable you had as a child. Why did we have to suffer so much? Sounds like you did enough suffering for the both of us by watching this show.


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