SpongeBob SquarePants

Every so often a quality children’s show will be released to the public. The world will make fun of it, and quickly realize how immensely cool it is. It’s a challenge to make a children’s show fun for adults and kids (and college students that are high) to enjoy, but SpongeBob SquarePants manages to tick all of those boxes. It’s weird enough to be memorable, funny enough that it keeps you interested, cringy enough for the audience to question why they’re watching the show in the first place, and lovable enough that you can sit your two year old in front of it and they’ll most likely enjoy it.Spongebob-spongebob-squarepants-1595658-1024-768

The show is pretty simple, but it has proven that it has lasting power. This year will start it’s 11th season which is pretty cray cray. I hope I lost a lot of readers by saying cray twice. It just needed to be said. I’m sorry.

SpongeBob is a bachelor living in an undersea town called Bikini Bottom. He lives simply in a Pineapple shaped house with his pet snail Gary who meows like a cat so I’m assuming that snails are the cats of the ocean? Does not compute. But I shouldn’t question it because this show is genius. Occasionally Gary talks and he has a proper British accent so who knows if he’s a companion or SpongeBob’s gay lover. I wouldn’t put it past the show if it was the latter. Or both.

SpongeBob lives next door to Squidward, the responsible, clarinet playing squid who doesn’t understand SpongeBob’s happy-go-lucky attitude. Squidward lives in a tikihead-shaped house and is often seen complaining to SpongeBob about how disruptive he’s being. Squidward’s dream is to be a successful clarinet player, but he’s stuck in Bikini Bottom working at The Krusty Krab burger joint along with SpongeBob. He always has a look on his face that screams “I’m too good for this” but he never goes anywhere in life. Squidward might be my favorite squid. There, I said it.

Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob

Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob

Next door to Squidward lives SpongBob’s best friend and the bane of Squidward’s existence, Patrick Star. Patrick is a pink starfish who basically lives under a rock. He isn’t too bright, but he makes an excellent companion for SpongeBob. They do all kinds of fun activities together, one of which is catching jellyfish in nets and then releasing them back into the wild.

SpongeBob is definitely more accomplished that Patrick, but not by much. He has a job, he goes to Mrs. Puff’s Boating School which is basically driver’s ed run by a puffer fish, and he owns a pet/lover.

SpongeBob also has an insane talent for cooking Krabby Patties down at The Krusty Krab. Here is a one of the first episodes of the show, and the play-by-play of how SpongeBob actually got hired for the job.

SpongeBob’s boss is Mr. Krabs, a relatively happy crab who loves money more than anything in the world. Except for maybe his daughter Pearl. Actually, no I think he loves money more. But his daughter is a whale so she might not even be legitimately his. Like, how does a crab have a whale for a daughter? Unclear. In one episode SpongeBob actually took Pearl to her prom and they had a great time. Pearl spends a lot of time crying though. A blubbering whale that girl is.6563676_std

SpongeBob also has a friend from Texas, Sandy Cheeks the squirrel. She has a southern drawl and lives in a glass bubble under the water. The bubble allows her to live underwater and breathe, grow grass, barbecue, and do all sorts of Texan things. She’s kind of like an astronaut/scientist/explorer. She’ nice but she kind of bugs me because she’s so smart. It’s like, go away.

Lastly and perhaps least, is Plankton, The Krusty Krab’s arch nemesis. Plankton is a minuscule character that is constantly trying to steal the secret recipe for Krabby Patties from SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs for his own restaurant, The Scum Bucket. He never wins. I feel like he tries to take over the world/ocean a lot too, but he never succeeds with that either. I always love the bad guys and Plankton is no exception. Hopefully one day he’ll get that recipe or make an even better one…what is wrong with me?


26 thoughts on “SpongeBob SquarePants

  1. I have actually never seen an episode of Spongebob in my life. I’ve seen parts of course, but never watched a full thing. Why did I call an episode a thing? It felt too much like the next generation’s Barney. I think Adventure Time would be the new Spongebob. I can’t tell if it’s meant for kids or not but all of the slackers I know love it.

    • Weird, Lily is totally right, it is a LOT more adult oriented than would seem. Sort of like Ren and Stimpy, except whoever thought they were marketing that show to children hated innocence. At least Spongebob treads the lines, pretty brilliantly. I agree, Adventure Time is trying to fit that niche. Why do cartoons work so hard to appeal to post-teenaged stoners? Seems like shooting fish in a bucket. Who would put fish in a bucket anyway? Wouldn’t they already be dead? (See how I brought it back to fish? Genius.)

    • Omg I always group Adventure Time with SpongeBob. I’ve never seen an episode, but I know I would like it. I remembered really appreciating SpongeBob after they made a Toulouse Lautrec reference. I was super impressed and happy after that.

  2. What’s wrong with you? You’re an American trapped in Canada, and you believe in good old fashioned competition, by way or corporate espionage. Dont let those red maple leafed bastards change you.

    Cray…fish…crayfish. I see what you did there. Genius.

    • Carter, I have been trying to be true to myself here in Canada, but it’s just so hard. Everyone needs to understand my sacrifices and daily strife. You’re the only one who understands my hardships.

      omg I was seriously going to make a crayfish joke after I said cray but I didn’t because I was scared that people wouldn’t get it. Spirit animals.

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  4. Spongebob is brilliant stuff. Some of things that happen in the episodes are utterly bizarre, and there’s always quick quips that most kids wouldn’t understand.

    I think my favourite moment was when Gary ran away for one reason or another. Spongebob started looking in loads of places for him, and it was when he cracked open an egg to see if Gary was hiding inside it that got me laughing like an idiot.

    The film was rubbish though.

    • I never saw the movie, but I’m glad that you’re such a fan. Gary is a great, complex character. Wouldn’t surprise me if he hides in the egg next time.
      You should do a guest post for us. You could even write it in your blog style where you pretend you’re the character. That would be cool and different for us! Just something to think about….! 😀

  5. Is it wrong that I want to live in Bikini Bottom? Maybe I would if I didn’t have Sponge Bob’s figure. This was a really great review of an imaginative show. This cartoon makes me believe that I can write cartoons, too. Apparently all you need is some LSD and away you go. Lol.

    • Bikini Bottom does seem like an ideal location. They even have a beach! But I think it’s made up of oil or something hah. I love how SpongeBob is supposed to be a sea sponge but he looks like a kitchen sponge. It’s so good.
      Yeah the show is actually really cute and awesome. You basically just have to make lovable, weird characters and then you’re set!

  6. I really liked this column. My favorite Spongebob moment was when they were blowing bubbles. Spongebob blew a bubble that looked like, I think, a rhinoceros. Patrick said, “Heh heh, it’s a giraffe.”

    • Yes I think I remember that one! And Squidward couldn’t blow bubbles at all. His fell flat on the ground or something like that. Hah.
      Thanks Rose!

  7. There is this phenomenon that occurs when you’ve only tuned in to a show a handful of times, and every.single.time the same episode is on. This is my relationship with SpongeBob. I know I have tried to watch it a bunch of times over the years, but the only episode I’ve ever seen is the one where he goes to driving school. I have basically fallen in a SpongeBob black hole.

    • I honestly hate when that happens so much. It makes me want to destroy TV sets. However, that is a good episode. The one where he has to write an essay and Mrs. Puff eventually tells him he can write just one sentence on the topic so he can pass the class? Might be a different one. Idk.

  8. When my oldest girl child was younger she received the xbox game “SpongeBob, Battle for Bikini Bottom”. That was really my first exposure to the phenomenon that is SpongeBob. Actually, I think I played the game more then she did! It had all the beloved characters including Sandy (who you didn’t mention???). It was a great game without a lot of violence (if you don’t count jelllyfish stings!) and we had a lot of fun playing it. The youngest girl child is 13 and most days when I get home from work she has SpongeBob up on Netflix and has been watching most of the afternoon. There could be worse things, right?

    • I gave Sandy her own paragraph! I played that game when I would babysit for these girls that lived by me. It was a good one. Slightly challenging even!
      SpongeBob is a good thing to come home to. There could be much much worse things that she could be watching!

  9. Sorry 😦 I apparently skipped over the Sandy paragraph. The other show she watches is called H2O. It’s set in Australia and it’s 3 teenage girls who, through weird circumstances, become mermaids. It’s totally aimed at the 10-14 demographic but she likes it. And again, there could be worse things!


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