PB&J Otter

I always thought I was too old to be watching  PB&J Otter when it was on, but now I realize that I was only eleven so it was totally fine. I just couldn’t turn away from the catchy tunes of the intro or the fun colors of these adorable otters. Why parents would name their children Peanut, Butter, and Jelly is a little beyond me though. PBJ-Otter

What’s really weird is that Peanut is the oldest brother and then his younger sister is named Jelly. They’re out of order! Was their mom just hoping that she would have another kid and he would be the perfect shade of yellowy-beige? Because that’s what happened. Butter is technically a baby in the show, he wears a diaper and everything. Oh sorry. I guess Butter is a girl. That’s going to be an unfortunate name during her high school years. Not that she should be in high school since she’s an otter. I find it very convenient that Jelly turned out to be purple. Peanut is red, so unless he’s a spicy peanut the color scheme doesn’t really work for him.

The Otter family lives on a houseboat (gross) in the middle of Lake Hoohaw among many other houseboated families. The Otter kids had a really cool slide coming out of their room that would shoot them down to the breakfast table. Jealous.

PB&J’s mom, Opal, is nice. She has an afro which leads me to believe she’s black. Their dad is very nice, normal, and kind which is super unrealistic.

Flick Duck is a good friend of the sibling trio. Flick is nice, sometimes clumsy, and very duck-like. Whenever the gang is in a pickle, they do a “Noodle Dance” to get their brain juices flowing. It’s like, why can’t you just think? You really have to do a dance? Peanut refuses to dance and by the end his feet start tapping and he can’t control himself. This is by far the cheesiest part of the show.PB&J_Otter_-_You_Just_Can't_Hide_Your_Heart_1

They’re also friends with a beaver and a raccoon but I don’t remember anything about them. Also, who cares?

There is a rich family of poodles that live on the lake. So random. Their kids are Ootsie, Bootsie, and Snootie. I’m going to assume you can figure their personalities out on your own.

This show was really cute and enjoyable. It was actually made by the creator of Doug, so it definitely gets some props. I was always comforted by the simplicity of their lives. Everything was so simple and happy in this show. In my next life I hope I’m an otter.


8 thoughts on “PB&J Otter

  1. I think 1/4th of this has to do with spicy peanut butter. Well-done.

    I never knew what this show was even about. Was it really on in the 90s? It seems so much newer than that. I saw a meme yesterday that said otters rape baby seals. It was on a meme so it must be made by someone without enough creative talent to write a piece like this.

    • Haha I like how spicy peanut butter is the only thing you’ve gotten out of this.

      It did seem newer than that. I’m pretty sure I watched a later version because I couldn’t have been 11 when it was on because I didn’t even have Disney channel until I was 13. SOOOO YEAH.

    • Isn’t Hoohaw slang for vajayjay which is also slang for vagina? Pretty weird stuff.

      I know….I hate the out of order stuff. I read on wiki that Harvard students were part of the creative process of this show. They should’ve known better!

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