Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Few kid’s shows span generations. Scooby Doo, Where Are You is one of them. If anything I think this is a credit to the popularity of marijuana. Everyone knows by now Scooby Doo is nothing more than a show about four potheads and a dog that sort of talks but not really. Is it more complex than this? Or is Scooby Doo one of the least original shows ever?


Scooby Doo, Where Are You minus the exclamation point because it will screw itself up as I type this in the word processor ahead of time, stars four main characters. The first is Fred. He’s the blonde muscular leader with blonde hair. He’s really only the leader by default. This show was on when Jim Morrison was still alive which means women could not be trusted with such responsibilities. No girl should get turned on by the phrase “light my fire” unless she’s a pyromaniac.

The women on this show were Daphne and Velma. Daphne has red hair and is the sexy one. It’s implied in every episode that she and Fred go off to have unprotected 1970s sex. 1970s sex was much more dangerous in than the kind of sex we have today. Did you know more people died from having sex in the 1970s than they did from getting murdered by Jack the Ripper? It’s fact. Velma is the completely opposite of Daphne. Although in today’s world she would probably be considered sexier because for some reason society has decided nerd is cool (just society being phonies), Velma was the one that got the brunt of some beatings. She was best known for losing her glasses then reaching out for them like a mummy. I’m not sure why she never considered getting a chain like my grandma used to have.


(Somehow this is one of the least perverted photos of these two together online)

Also in this group was an obvious slacker named Shaggy. Apparently his real name was Norville Rogers which means Shaggy was a better name for him. Shaggy is tall, lanky, and doesn’t seem to care about his personal appearance. This was the 1970s though, remember? All you had to do to look good was have some LSD. Shaggy was voiced by none other than Casey Kasem. I’m not sure why I used the term “none other than.” It’s like I expected the reader to scratch their chin, lean back, and actually remember who he is. Think Dick Clark only with a better speaking voice and I mean even before the stroke better speaking voice.


(Again, one of the few pictures of them together where a back rub is not involved)

Of course there was also the title character, Scooby Doo. He’s a loveable giant brown dog with a speech impediment. Or maybe this is how Hannah Barbera thought all dogs should talk. Instead of “ut oh” he would say “rut roh.” Maybe Scooby Doo was trying to do a Chinese-American impression but didn’t quite get you only add in R’s to replace L’s.

scooby doo

(The only way to get Scooby to behave, give him a Scooby Snack. The same thing works for Shaggy. Someone is eating something they shouldn’t)

Each episode had a simple plot. They would be on their way somewhere, get sidetracked, find out there’s a ghost or monster in this place, they try to find the monster, they find some clues, a trap is set, the trap fails after Shaggy or Scooby screw it up, Scooby somehow turns this around and catches the bad guy anyway, and the cops finally show up and unmask the monster to find out it’s some old person. Almost always the bad guys on Scooby Doo were old people. I guess if I knew death was coming soon I would dress up as a Frankenstein too and try to scare a bed and breakfast owner.

Now for some facts you didn’t know unless you read the Wikipedia page. The show was originally created as a non-violent alternative to super-hero shows from the 1960s that parent watch groups had complained about. In other words, stuck up bitches trying to ruin TV have been around for a while. Original titles were Mysteries Five and Who’s S-S-Scared? I’m scared. Those titles are S-S-Shit.

Scooby Doo was a simple show. And perhaps because it was so simple it has managed to stay popular for all of these years. Combining mystery, monsters, talking dogs, and bad sound effects would appear like it could be too much. Scooby Doo ignores logic and it’s one of the most legendary kid’s shows. If you didn’t know that I feel really bad for the people who pretend to be your friends.

10 thoughts on “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

  1. I never really watched this show that much. But when I did catch the show, I enjoyed Scooby. Shaggy always scared me. I hated his animated chin scruff. So weird. I was also always weirded out by Daphne being a flaming ginger. But I did like how the group was made out of two popular kids, two losers, and a dog.

    • I was never a big Scooby fan either, well I shouldn’t say that. Scooby himself was cool. This was more popular for the generation before us. I know my older sister enjoyed it a bunch. This was pre-Internet though where you had to watch TV for all your entertainment.

  2. This show was so weird. The thing I remember the most about it was that all the characters have really bad posture, like they all have scoliosis or were recovering from throwing their backs out. It always made me mad how Scooby and Shaggy managed to mess up every single plot, and yet the rest of the gang paired them off every single time. Velma needs to be put in charge of them.

    This was one of the funniest posts you’ve written for Kidz Showz. Nice.

    • Shaggy had especially bad posture. It probably happened from rounding his back in the back of the van. Lumbar support had not yet been invented. I think in the second movie they tried to make the characters behave differently. Daphne was less dainty and Velma tried to be sexy.

      Thanks! I thought this was average at best.

  3. Scooby Doo was always a favorite. The opening credit song was the best. The storylines were not too difficult but didn’t insult your intelligence either. I think the writers wanted each character to represent a type that the audience could relate to. You are either a Velma or Daphne, a Fred or a Shaggy type. Everyone could be happy with this show.
    And you’re right, Fred and Daphne were totally getting it on.
    I watched this show as a kid so the fact that it’s still on shows you what a classic it is.
    As a side bar…. My grandmother’s name was Velma. She hated it.

    • Velma is indeed a very strange name. I never would have bet anyone I knew had even met a Velma. I guess their names represented their personalities too. Fred is very standard, Daphne is flowery (at least to me), Velma is strange, and Shaggy is dirty.

  4. You know, as a kid, I kept waiting and waiting for there to be an actual ghost/supernatural creature in one of the episodes. It’s probably a good thing my guidance counselor advised I omit that from my college application essays.

    You didn’t mention Scrappy Doo. Good choice.

    • Scrappy actually never appeared in Scooby Doo, Where Are You! He was in Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo which didn’t come around until 1979. Not that I plan on writing something separate for that show.

      I know in some of the movies they did there were real aliens and ghosts. Maybe check those out?


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