Freaks and Geeks: Where’d I See That Face?

I started watching the cult classic television show Freaks and Geeks not too long ago. I suppose if you’re a house fly it was a really long time ago. Don’t they live like a day? What’s the point in their existence? Throughout watching it there were many faces I recognized and some I didn’t, looked up anyway, and was amazed at who it was. Here’s the master list as well as a movie or television role. Don’t go telling me I forgot they were in something because I’m really not about to start listing out every movie Samm Levine was in.

I’m going to forego James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel because they are popular enough where you will be more surprised they were on Freaks and Geeks.

Linda Cardellini as Lindsay Weir

lindsay weir

Also in the Scooby Doo live action films as Velma


John Francis Daley as Sam Weir

sam weir

Was the new guy in Waiting who spent most of the movie watching a training video. He also wrote Horrible Bosses.

john francis daley

Samm Levine as Neal Schweiber


Look, he was that Asian thing in Not Another Teen Movie


Martin Starr as Bill Haverchuck

bill haverchuk

He was the creepy guy from Knocked Up that nobody really recognized in their group of friends

martin starr

Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly


In a bunch of movies only girls watch and Cougar Town


Tom Wilson as Coach Fredericks

coach fredericks



Chauncey Leopardi as the Geek’s biggest tormenter Alan White

allan white

He started off as Squints from The Sandlot


Shaun Weiss played a character named Sean, a wiseass seen in a few episodes


He’s better known by one name, Goldberg


Joanna Garcia as Vicki Appleby the popular cheerleader

vicki appleby

She started off as Sam from Are You Afraid of the Dark? For you southerners, you may remember her from Reba as well.


Ben Foster as a handicap student named Eli

eli freaks and geeks

He started in the first ever Disney Channel original series Flash Forward and was the bad guy in 3:10 to Yuma

ben foster

David Krumholtz as Barry Schweiber

barry schweiber

You may know him better as Goldstein from the Harold and Kumar movies


Alex Breckenridge as mathlete Shelly Weaver


I first saw her naked in True Blood where I took a picture for my phone to send to people at awkward times. She’s also in American Horror Story and has a big role, but I haven’t watched that yet and am afraid of reading spoilers.


Shia Labeouf as Herbert the school’s mascot


Now the star of Eagle Eye…? You know who he is


Rashida Jones as Karen Scarfolli


Quincy Jones’s daughter has gone on to be on The Office and a few other things that Maya Rudolph wasn’t pretty enough to do


Alexander Gould as the boy Lindsay babysits for

alexander gould young

He grew up to be the lunatic youngest son on Weeds Shane

shane weeds

In addition to these there were appearances by more established individuals like Ben Stiller, Jason Schwartzman, and Leslie Mann. How did Leslie Mann get onto this show? Oh right. She married Judd Apatow and he writes movie roles for her now. She also uses CGI boobs in movies so don’t get too excited.


12 thoughts on “Freaks and Geeks: Where’d I See That Face?

  1. I would never have connected Ben Foster with 3:10 to Yuma! Wow! That’s an impressive transformation.
    Leslie Mann has turned into a bit of an exhibitionist, so I can’t like her anymore. When women start to take roles to reveal how attractive they are, they lose all credibility with regard to acting. (Not that with acting you need credibility.) Look at Demi Moore. When she did GI Jane it was clearly to show off, or what about that stripper film she was in? Again, the intention was to show off. Isn’t it interesting that when that’s your motivation your career ends up in the toilet?

    Let me close by saying Freaks and Geeks was brilliant. It’s one of my favorite TV shows of all times. That’s sort of the time period I grew up in so, it’s like a walk down memory lane. I feel like I knew every one of those characters.

    • I didn’t see This is 40 with Leslie Mann, but it almost feels like Judd Apatow made it as if to say “My wife can still be hot!” which on that side of things annoys me.

      I remember hearing years ago this show didn’t last because it brought up too many bad memories for people who related to the characters. Who knows though? It still holds up because I suppose there are always insecure people out there.

  2. Joanna Garcia…ahhhhhh so hot. So married to Nick Swisher. So much for that.

    So Rashida Jones has played characters named Karen Scarfolli and Karen Fillipelli. I guess those characters are from the Africa part of Italy. Or, rather, Sicily. I bet before they hit Ellis Island, Ann Perkins’ birth name was Anna Perkinselli

  3. I proud to say that while watching the show I was able to annoying call out where each character had been seen. Unless their part was after the show like Even Stevens or something. But I didn’t know Neil’s brother or Coach Fredricks, so I definitely learned a thing or two. Nice post Tim!

    • Squints was the one that surprised me most. I still think it’s pretty weird so many of these kids went on to have decent enough careers, three of them being really big. I’m not particular a big fan of his, but I really wish Seth Rogen’s character Ken was in it more. James Franco annoys me and I’m glad he’s going to grow up to look like Willem Dafoe.


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