The Lawrence Brothers

This is not the title of a show. But if there was a show with all of the Lawrence brothers in it, I would totally watch it. Oh wait, there was. But it was terrible so I didn’t watch a lot of it. That being said, the Lawrence brothers were good in every possible way. If and when I give birth, I better have three cute boys that are charming and funny like this trio or I’ll be pretttty upset. Hopefully they’ll want to take up careers in acting and make me millions–crossing my fingers (for my unborn children).

The eldest, and perhaps most popular brother would be Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame. I was too young to watch Blossom. Actually, that’s not true. I probably could have watched it, I just wasn’t aware of it’s existence. Let’s just put it this way, if it was on Nickelodeon, I would’ve watched it.

Casual pose.

Casual pose.

Joey’s first television appearances were on Diff’rent Strokes and Silver Spoons. Ummm  is Joey Father Time? Seems like Joey’s been in the TV circuit forevs. And he’s still barely hanging on, starring in a show with Melissa Joan Hart simply titled Melissa and Joey. I don’t want to assume that it’s horrible but there’s no possible way that it could be good.

Joey and his two brothers appeared on a show called Brotherly Love (barf) where Joey was supposed to be a half brother to his real life brothers. What an original and crazy idea. The show was so cheesy and laugh-track filled that I could barely sit through 7 minutes when I youtubed it just now.

My personal favorite brother would have to be Matthew. He didn’t have the longevity that Joey has, but he made up for it by actually choosing good roles. Matthew’s earliest appearance was in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but I like to think that his career didn’t really kick off until he played one of Robin William’s depressed kids in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Concerned look.

Concerned look.

Side note: I feel like Matthew Lawrence had some father issues because his early TV roles include: The Summer My Father Grew Up, Daddy, Lifetime: Families in Crisis…jus’ sayin’.

Matthew also managed to get a part in the college seasons of Boy Meets World. Pretty impressive. Although I still don’t understand how Eric and Shawn were accepted into the same college as Topanga.

The youngest brother is Andrew Lawrence. He is also the brother most likely to become a serial killer. There is something really messed up about him. He never snagged any memorable movie or TV roles besides voice-over parts where the audience didn’t have to see his face. Ex. Recess, As Told By Ginger, King of the Hill, etc.

My dad and I nicknamed him Sleepy Lawrence because he always looks tired. Good nickname, I know.

My dad and I nicknamed him Sleepy Lawrence because he always looked tired. Good nickname, I know.

For some reason The Disney Channel had faith in him and cast the brothers in not one, but two Disney Channel Original Movies. The first being Horse Sense (which only starred Joey and Andrew) where the brothers play cousins who grew up with completely different lifestyles. Andrew is raised on a ranch, and Joey is from LA. The second is a sequel to Horse Sense called Jumping Ship. This movie was filmed in New Zealand and stars all of the brothers. Matthew just plays a random captain of a boat. Which is weird because he looks identical to his passengers. I actually owned the VHS version of Jumping Ship. Judge away.

The Lawrence brothers made the 90’s a good place to be. They should just keep doing what they’re doing. Except for Matthew, who should be my husband by now.

21 thoughts on “The Lawrence Brothers

  1. I remember Andrew from “United States of Tara”. He played an extreme Christian kid (son of a minister) that Tara’s gay son had a crush on and was trying to see if he could “turn him gay” or something. I dunno. I just remember he played this kind of homoerotic character in his church’s Hell House. And then accidentally made out with the gay son AND Tara due to some crazy hijinks.

    I have not seen any of the other stuff you mentioned (besides animated things).

    • I never watched United States of Tara but I saw his appearance on that show mentioned on Wiki. I choose not to put it in my post because Toni Collette kind of freaks me out (except in About a Boy. Have you seen it?). Oh and I kind of hate Diablo Cody.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Lawrence is gay in real life though.

      • Hahaha. I agree that Toni Collette is freaky. I watched it for personal reasons, obviously. Though it’s interpretation of DID/MPD was super extreme, like most Hollywood’s ideas of mental illness.

        I don’t think I’ve seen About a Boy. I’ll have to check that one out.

        I would not be surprised either. He acted a bit too well….

  2. Andrew is probably my favorite. Joey was too weird and the middle one (Christopher? I already forget and don’t feel like scrolling up) seemed too much of a pretty boy. I did like him in Mrs. Doubtfire though even though he plays soccer. Soccer players stink. I do like that the Lawrence Brothers become less sex symbols as society goes away from enjoying the male mongoloid shaped face.

      • This was like the cousin of a backhanded compliment, entirely non-insulting until I realize Channing Tatum makes more money every time he takes his shirt off than I will in a lifetime.

      • It’s both good and bad. On the one hand, you are both possessing of the non-buttchin and have talent.

        On the other hand, you have no money. So perhaps not beneficial at all.

        And Magic Mike needed so much more dick. Actually, any dick at all. For all the craze over it, it was surprisingly non-graphic. Like, maybe some butt. I saw more in Monty Python’s Life of Brian or The Full Monty when I was in middle school.

    • I got really excited for a minute when I thought that I had 8 comments on my post but it’s just you guys. What a let down.
      How is Andrew your favorite? Just because he voices TJ on Recess? I bet that’s why. But you do bring up two good points: soccer players are the worst, and they all have mongoloid faces.

      • Ok, I will give you a coment even though it might be boring. I think Andrew is cute and yes after seeing “Jumping Ship” I had my suspicions that he leaned toward gay. But that opinion being formed by watching this movie would make him incestuous gay. I mean he did put his elbow in his brothers crotch a lot. lol

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  4. “Although I still don’t understand how Eric and Shawn were accepted into the same college as Topanga.”

    LOL! I don’t understand how Eric and Shawn were accepted into college, period. But Eric yelling ‘Feeny’ is one of my childhood’s fondest memories. I loved that freaking show.

    • Truth. I need to write a post about Eric’s character. He was perfect in every way.
      Ashley, you should write a guest post for us! It can be about any show, movie, actor, characters, whatever! Do it do it do it. Peer pressure…

      • Well, it’s pretty much up to you! You can scan our almanac to see which ones we’ve already written about. Shows that you really love or really hate are always good. New kid’s shows (Caillou, Dora, etc) are always pretty funny to write about too. You don’t have to rush either, we don’t have any deadlines so feel free to think it over 🙂

  5. “I don’t want to assume that it’s horrible but there’s no possible way that it could be good.” Hahahahahah! Joey was the most ridiculous part of Blossom. That show was actually really serious, but then he’d come in and say “D’oh!” or something.

    Also, I love how Ashley and I both decided to format our comments with a quote from your post and then commentary. We are basically the same.

    • You and Ashley have clearly mastered how to make the perfect comment. Glad I made you chuckle! 😀
      Yes! I think his tagline was “Whoa” but he would say it in an obnoxious way. I like that Blossom was serious, yet the show’s intro was the main character laughing and dancing. Slightly misleading?

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