Better known among walkers as “the show with the kid in the wheelchair,” Pelswick might have been a kid’s show where they had one of the best jokes I ever heard on children’s programming. I’ll get to that later. This is called a teaser. You know, like a girl who invites her back to her hotel then all you guys do is sit in the lobby watching The Steve Harvey Show? Damn it I hated Winter 2009.

Pelswick is about a 13 year old big nosed paraplegic boy named Peslwick Eggert. I went to school with a kid named Matthew Eggert. He was one of those guys nobody liked. I think that’s how it goes for having a last name with more than one G. People love to say your last name in an annoying way. Plus, Matthew had gross teeth and was a tattle tale. His aunt was also a lunch aide and she was a big fat mean woman. What I’m saying is Pelswick was probably not related to these people, or Baywatch star Nicole Eggert.



(Another reason why Pelswick could never be on Baywatch, wheels don’t work well in sand)

The character Pelswick was a great one. He was a real smart-ass. I have always loved the idea of someone with a disability being a dick. Pelswick tries to rebel and feel more “normal” although it’s tough because people treat him differently. They never mention how Pelswick lost his ability to walk, but judge by his personality I think he may have deserved it.

As with any other show, Pelswick has some good friends that help give him a reason to live. Remember those? Friends and reasons to live? It all changed in the Winter of 2009 for me.

There’s Ace Nakamura who is described as technologically advanced. I bet he’s also good at math and knows kung fu. Then there’s Goon Gunderson. Goon is a fat kid who is dimwitted and dangerous when he’s mad. I bet he also gets blamed for farts. Are there no stereotypes this show wouldn’t tap into?

pelswick friends


(Ace is the one that looks sneaky and Goon is the one who looks goonish)

The female love interest is Julie Smockford. She’s attractive and for some reason doesn’t want to be popular. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to be popular? Julie sucks. Pelswick for some reason is in love with her and of course she pretends to not be shallow, but she really is and would never date someone who can’t go to an art museum unless there’s a ramp.

julie smackford


(I really like that the show made a point to acknowledge how awesome it is when a cute girl touches your forearm)

Pelswick also has a dad, a baby brother, and a sister named Kate who blackmails him. I think in one episode she Photoshopped his face onto that of a walker and made everyone believe he was lying about his disability. They flipped over his wheelchair and began to kick him. I’m making that up. I don’t know much about these characters and needed something to say.

Gram-Gram is Peslwick’s crazy grandmother who gets involved a lot in his antics. And finally to break down the realm of reality there’s Pelswick’s guardian angel Mr. Jimmy voiced by David Arquette. On Wikipedia he’s described as the comic relief of the show. I’m not sure about that. Most of this show was pretty funny from what I can remember. Mr. Jimmy (which would be the perfect nickname for a man’s private parts) gives Pelswick very confusing advice (which would be the case if you asked a man’s private parts for advice). So really with all of this bad advice he’s not so much a guardian angel as much as he is a dead guidance counselor. My guidance counselor told me I could go onto achieve great things. As I write this I’m on day four of wearing the same underwear trying to outbid someone on a cyanide pill on eBay.

mr jimmy


(Mr. Jimmy teaches Pelswick how to get Courtney Cox into bed during the height of her career)

Did I do a good job making it seem like I actually remember this show? I hope so. I honestly only remember one part. I didn’t remember it all took place in San Francisco. I had no idea there were so many bullies that Pelswick had to deal with. I forgot about the guardian angel. All I remember is one simple joke that completely caught me off guard and still under the circumstances, this being a children’s show, I find it funny.

Pelswick was having a problem. He was speaking with his sister Kate or something else, who cares? His line was “It’s time for me to put my foot down. Or at least pick up my foot and set it on the ground.” This was too perfect. It was so honest. It was Pelswick acknowledging he was different and having a sense of humor about phraseology and his inability to relate. Too often kid’s shows refuse to acknowledge how people with disabilities can laugh at themselves while continuing to hate society. Pelswick was different, not because he was handicapped. Pelwick was different because he was more human than human.


7 thoughts on “Pelswick

    • Pelswick is a little more confident than Walter Jr. aka Flynn. You’re right though that they have a little in common. If Pelswick was more popular I’m sure there’d be some parody online.

  1. Awesome review .SDeeing the thumbnail jogged my memory. I remember this show, but I also don’t remember this show. Like, most of my college experience.

    That is a pretty good joke to remember. It’s great when kids in wheelchairs have a sense of humor. Like when I wheeled my cousin into traffic, put a blindfold on him, and gave him a spin. Good times.

    “So really with all of this bad advice he’s not so much a guardian angel as much as he is a dead guidance counselor.” Another great line.

    • Thanks for the compliments. When I was in a wheelchair I remember Sean Dunn pushing me really fast and almost tipping over. Is your cousin Sean Dunn? I’d like to know you got some vengeance.

  2. That is a great joke. When I saw that you wrote a piece on Pelswick my memory did some crazy loop de loop and freaked out. I totally forgot about this show. Like, I’m usually pretty good with kids shows but this one left my brain for some reason. So thank you for that.
    This was actually a really funny piece. I approve!

    • “This was actually a really funny piece”

      The rest of my pieces are scowling -_-

      But yes. I think our best ones are almost the ones we didn’t know much about because we actually sometimes do a lot of research. Plus there were handicapped jokes.

      • lolz just saw your response to my comment! I didn’t mean that the way it came out. I think I over use the word “actually”. My bad. Lets just put it this way, I wouldn’t have asked you to run this blog with me if your posts weren’t consistently funny. So yeah. Scowl away.


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