Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

I started doing research on this Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) a while ago and realized how chock full this story line was. It’s pretty intense for a made for TV movie and that’s probably why it was always one of my favorites.Zenon21

Zenon and her family are stationed in outer space. They are a few of the lucky ones who get to live up there to experience life in a different way and hopefully make it possible for other sectors full of humans to do the same. Zenon’s parents are scientists and she’s basically lived in space her whole life. She’s the trouble maker of her group of friends which is weird because her best friend, Nebula is played by Raven-Symone. Raven always plays the trouble maker so this was a weird departure for her.

Zenon and her crew. I refuse to believe there was that much diversity in space.

Zenon and her crew. I refuse to believe there was that much diversity in space.

I loved everyone’s names in this movie. I wonder if their parents gave them space names while in space or they just figured that they would eventually end up in space at some point in their lives and it would all work out? Like, was Stephanie not an option any more? I think in Zenon: The Zequel, Zenon’s crush was named Orion and I thought that was like, the absolute coolest for some reason. All of the kids on board wear bright, shiny clothes and eat futuristic food. They’re taught by a hologram teacher–it’s just all so cool.  Zenon and her friends are in love with a singer named Proto Zoa who sings the hit song “Super Nova Girl”. I hate that I know all of this off the top of my head. I also hate that I wish Proto Zoa was real because I really liked his song.

Zenon eventually gets in trouble and is sent to Earth as punishment (really offensive for all of us who have to live here). She has trouble fitting in with the Earth kidz and she has to live with her weird Aunt Judy who is terrified of space.

Eventually Zenon hatches a plan with two friends that she made to sneak back to her space station. While on Earth she found out that a big honcho in charge named Parker Wyndham has plans to shut down her space station for good. Zetus Lapetus! (That means OMG in space speak.) Zenon warns the captain of her space station and her parents about the danger they could be in, but they think it’s a ploy to get her back on board before her punishment was over. Also, Proto Zoa and his band Microbe were due to play their first concert in space during that time so they figured Zenon just wanted to be there for it. N00bz.

Conveniently, Zenon is able to create a virus (with the help of her new friends who happen to be 13 year old geniuses who can make viruses what?) to off put Wyndham’s evil plan. She catches a ride up to the space station because, before he leaves, Proto Zoa recognizes her as she was the winner of his contest so she gets to dance with him on stage. zenon

Everything eventually works out, Zenon saves the day and the Microbe concert is off the heezy. Just a typical day in space.

8 thoughts on “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

  1. I remember Disney Channel really pushing this even just a few years ago (I say a few then realize it was probably 5-6).

    The girl who played Zenon Kirsten Storms seems to have the worst luck. She has some uterus disease and she was pulled over for throwing a lit cigarette out of her Mercedes. Then again, she hasn’t done much with her life and still has a Mercedes. It’s tough to feel bad.

    • Yeah I was going to touch on Kirsten Storms but her life is just too depressing. I think she went on to star in a soap opera (her career is going backwards) and then she was on a reality tv show about the actors of that soap opera. It was my guilty pleasure for a bit.

      This was a great DCOM though. It seems like they spent a lot of time an energy filming this one and then just got lazy with the other ones.

  2. Are we sure this is not just a part of Scientology? Haha!
    This is the most complicated plot/storyline I’ve ever heard.
    I’m glad you have all that info secured safely in your brain. 🙂

    • LOL it does seem like a chapter in the Olde Booke of Scientology.
      It’s like, even more complicated when you watch it. I simplified it. But it was actually really good! I’m surprised I didn’t make you watch it with me haha!


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