Life with Louie

If aliens came to this planet and were introduced to every stand-up comedian in the world then asked which ones should have a cartoon made about their childhoods, Louie Anderson would near the bottom of the list. Unfortunately for us aliens always crash whenever they come here so such a list has never been made. Instead of relying on aliens for helping us with children’s programming we depend on the Hollywood gatekeepers. Someway, somehow, Louie Anderson had his own Saturday morning cartoon.

Louie+Anderson+louie(My lord, did they have to make his one nipple so hard?)

Life with Louie is based on Louie Anderson’s youth. Anderson’s adult life is far more interesting. In 1993 he had to pay off a man from a casino who threatening to blackmail him into releasing knowledge that Anderson propositioned him for sex. I think that was a big waste of money because everyone knows this happened now. He also had some issues with his father. I think his parents extorted money from him. I’m not sure. I can’t find anything online about it so the episode of Oprah I watched was probably a lie.

LwL as the fans of Life with Louie would call it was a less than popular show. The best part was in the opening credits when a fat Louie jumps into a swimming pool and splashes a lot of water on people. I guess the message between this was not to invite fat people over for pool parties because they will cannonball all of the water out from the pool. The message of this show, do not include others for who they are, rather judge them on how much water they waste, right?

Louie is basically Louie Anderson the same way Bobby from Bobby’s World is Howie Mandel. I praise Louie for being less secretive about talking trash about his folks and friends. Howie Mandel was too cowardly and had to pretend it wasn’t based on people he knew. They knew though. And when they found out they tried shaking his hand as much as possible.

The only memorable character from this show was Louie’s dad. He also has the most by far written about him on the Wikipedia page which I am referencing because my mom did not like me watching this show. My mom hated Louie Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried, and David Spade. The one thing my mom always said she didn’t like jokes about was alcoholic men. Later on, she told me I should tell jokes about her eating disorder. Sometimes it’s impossible to find the line with a person as to what is and is not acceptable.

life with louie family(Louie’s mom, dad, and then Louie. Probably the ugliest cartoon family ever)

Louie’s dad is a WWII veteran and probably an alcoholic. There’s never an episode where they have an intervention or he gets arrested for driving drunk. Then again, this show took place in the 1960s when your blood alcoholic content was based on how many people you ran down with your car. In addition to voicing Louie, Louie Anderson also did the voice of the dad. It’s really incredibly irritating and I understand completely why my mom could not stand this show.

The character descriptions say everything about how poorly done this show was. One of his friends is a girl who sticks up for him who he has a crush on. No pretty girls ever stuck up for the fat kids when I was 8. Stop trying to rewrite history Louie. He has another friend who has a sarcastic sense of humor. That’s all it says about him. I bet he has this sense of humor because his parents don’t love him. There’s also someone named Toddler whose lone description is that he is Louie’s friend. Does he have nothing else going for him? It’s like if you were to call Louie Anderson’s wife Mrs. Louie Anderson which is the biggest mistake any woman could ever make since Eva Braun.

deer(This is the only picture I could find of Louie with a friend and it’s a deer with its hind-legs stuck in a tree)

The best character description on Wikipedia is Louie’s grandmother. Henrietta Shermann – Louie’s grandmother, mother of Ora. She dies in one of the episodes. Please make sure when I die that my life description is longer than “He dies one day.”

So I didn’t really tell you much about this show which is fine because did anyone really watch this? Louie voicing his own character was fine, but doing the dad’s voice too made it sound like two birds arguing. It was hard to sympathize with Louie’s weight problem because his character was really a 40 year old man. I am never a fan of a child who is “wise beyond their years.” They said the same thing about Drew Barrymore and she spent the early 90s in a cocaine den.


11 thoughts on “Life with Louie

  1. For some reason this show looks familiar, and I feel like I’ve watched it, but I know I actually haven’t. This seems like the worst show of all time. Unattractive animation combined with horrible voices is a recipe for disaster.
    Glad you posted on this because I never would have!

    • I feel bad for the people who had to draw Louie and his ugly family. I guess I feel worse for the people who had to work on the sound. Really, that voice is terrible.

      • I feel like I’m having a deja vu with this comment for some reason. Maybe we had this exact same convo about a different cartoon. There are so many bad ones out there.

  2. in turkey louie and his family’s voices are awesome. especially his dad andy. his voice is legendary. So most of the louie fans is in turkey.


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