Sister, Sister

As far as shows with twins go, Sister, Sister is one of the best. I can actually only think of three shows (Sister, Sister being one of them) with twins off the top of my head, so actually that’s not saying much. I was first introduced to Tia and Tamera Mowry when they were on Are You Afraid of the Dark?. One of them played an average teenager and the other one played an evil iguana that morphed into the teen. It was cooler than I’m making it sound. On second thought, no it really wasn’t.

Sister, Sister aired from 1994-1999, so I guess it was pretty successful. I watched the re-runs on the Disney during the channel’s how-can-we-make-ourselves-more-urban? phase. The show is basically about two twin sisters who are separated at birth and adopted by different parents. Somehow, their parents meet up and they realize that they’re both raising twin girls who should grow up together. Tia and her mom, played by Jackee Harry, move into Tamera and her dad’s (Tim Reid) house. Hilarity ensues.

There were so many hats in this show.

There were so many hats in this show.

It’s funny because Tia is more straight laced and shares more characteristics with Tamera’s dad, whereas Tamera is more wild and fun-loving like Tia’s mom. Isn’t this show so clever? Shouldn’t the girls have the characteristics of their birth parents and not of the people who adopted them? Nature vs Nurture. Jackee Harry’s character, Lisa, always fights with Tim Reid’s character, Ray. And the girls fight a lot too, which is pretty realistic. My favorite character was Lisa because she always had the funniest things to say. I think one time she sang a song about chicken and my brother and I thought it was the greatest thing.

A lot of twin shenanigans take place in the show like switching places, being two places at once, one taking tests for another, etc. I liked that aspect of the show because I would do that kind of stuff if I had an identical twin.

Most of the time I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. Even if they called one by their name, I wouldn’t remember which personality she had. The only difference between the two is that Tamera has a mole on her face and Tia doesn’t.

Tamera, Ray, Lisa, and Tia.

Tamera, Ray, Lisa, and Tia. And more hats.

The only other re-occurring character in the show was the next door neighbor, Roger. He would often proclaim his love for both girls and severely creep them out. They would both scream “Go home Roger!!” whenever he said or did anything weird, which was at least twice an episode.

The show lasted a pretty long time and eventually followed the girls into college. I hated those episodes because you could tell the show was getting stale and that Tia and Tamera didn’t want to play themselves anymore. They wanted to move onto bigger and better things. Like a reality show called Tia & Tamera.


18 thoughts on “Sister, Sister

  1. Sister, Sister was the best twin show EVER. Didn’t the dad own a fleet of limos or something swanky like that? So random. I agree with you that Jackee was the best character on the show. Man, where is she today? Have you ever seen the show 227 that she was on in the 80s? It was probably the best show ever made.

    • Lol yes he did! I think they stole a limo once? Or maybe I just wish they did.
      I was watching Tia&Tamera on the plane once and Jackee was on their show. Boy did she look roughhh. BUT she can really do no wrong so who am I to judge? I saw a bit of 227 once when I was researching Jackee years ago. It was funny but, I felt weird just jumping into it. I need to youtube it more! Glad to know another Jackee fan!

      • When I was in grad school in Chicago, I used to watch 227 on WGN when I was hungover on my sofa on Saturday afternoon. Ah, such fond memories.

      • You know what’s so cray? In my little corner of Canada I still get WGN on my TV. So rad.
        I like your 227 memory. I feel like I was there. Except I don’t know what grad school feels like.

  2. I never knew the full storyline. Disney really likes to tap into the twin thing. Hilarity ensues! haha! I suspect that when you have children they’ll still be re-working those old twin stories. Who doesn’t love a good twin mix-up, eh? Great post!!!

    • Actually, now that I think about it, my other two examples of twin shows were made by Disney (The Parent Trap, and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody)!
      I’m sure they will still be running twin shows in the future. They’re just a fascinating subject, right? Thanks mom!

  3. I remember Brittany Murphy was one of the friends on the show. She’s the one that got them cigarettes. Remember when smoking cigarettes was like a dangerous thing?

    I watched this show a lot with my mom and sister. I never really liked it. I should have gotten a job and bought my own TV.

    • Lol I barely remember that. It makes sense though. She always played rolls where she was the bad girl. Even if it was just smoking cigarettes. So lame.
      You could’ve watched worse shows so consider yourself lucky!

  4. I think about the only thing I remember about this show is the “Go home Roger!” That dude was creepy. It must have been on at the same time as a show I preferred and I only switched to it during commercials (remember those?).

    • Hah yes! I hated having to choose between two shows and time the commercial breaks perfectly. Those were the days.
      Go Home Roger! seems to have made the biggest impression on everyone. You’re not alone!


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