Sonny With A Chance

Before she was a household name. Before she discovered cocaine. Before she posted pictures of herself online of herself without makeup to prove that women don’t need makeup to be beautiful, but really was probably just bragging that she’s more attractive than the average female, Demi Lovato was the lead in a television show called Sonny with a Chance. On this show she played a girl named Sonny. Did she have a chance? She did. One rail of white powder later, those chances disappeared.

Allison “Sonny” Munroe lives in Wisconsin. She roots for the Packers, eats lots of cheese, and wonders why there are so many Vietnamese in her neighborhood. She eventually lands a role on a sketch comedy show which helps her move to LA. In LA she has no football team to root for, can’t eat anything because it’s Hollywood and thin is in, and she wonders why there are so many Koreans living in her neighborhood.

sonny with a chance cast(They couldn’t have tried to at least spread out the attractive people and not keep them all on the right? Bah I’m kidding. The ugly ones are on the right)

The show Sonny gets a role on is called So Random! I remember in high school people would describe themselves as being random and it was supposed to be a good thing. Random is not good. Collateral damage during war? Random! Henry Lee Lucas’s victims? Random! Those who hurt us in life? Not random. They’re always the ones we keep closest to us.

So Random is a lot like All That. It has its own small cast of characters. There’s Tawni Hart, the blonde ditzy girl who will probably end up in a loveless marriage because she’s so evil. Nico Harris, the black guy. Grady Mitchell, the fat guy. Zora Lancaster, this really weird thing that lives in the walls and it’s kind of like a little girl, but not really. I don’t know. She always frightened me.

So-random-1-(Zora, Tawni, Sonny, Nico, Grady. This of course is left to right. My apologizes to the Chinese readers who do things right to left)

The show is not simply about putting on sketches, although after Demi Lovato went to rehab I think that’s what it became. On the studio lot next door to the filming of So Random is where Makenzie Falls is filmed. Makenzie Falls is basically a One Tree Hill type show where prep school kids have prep school kid problems, like actually being able to afford their abortions. The star of the show is a heartthrob named Chad Dylan Cooper, an obvious parody of Chad Michael Murray.

A main aspect of the show is the love story between Sonny and Chad. Chad likes to toy with her because he’s a good looking young man, something all good looking young men do to women. Sonny will eventually grow up bitter about the way she was treated and she will treat kindhearted men the way Chad treated her. This kindhearted men will then treat all women horribly, their daughters included, and those girls will grow up to be attracted to men like Chad. At a young age, the cycle continues.

chad dylan cooper(I couldn’t tell you the last time I was this close to another human being)

I always liked the character Sonny because she was believably ditzy and always screwing up majorly. Once she would convince her sketch group to go on a mission with her to do something, she would usually blow the plan. Wow I’m talking about Demi Lovato and blow and it has nothing to do with her drug addiction. How’d I pull that off?

I felt bad when Demi Lovato went into rehab in real life because I thought she was one of the few Disney stars who seemed genuine. Selena Gomez always struck me as a real bitch and Miley Cyrus is a child of privilege. Demi Lovato always felt like the third wheel in that threesome who never got the respect she deserved. Wow I’m talking about Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus with the word threesome and it has nothing to do with sex. How’d I pull that off?

Sonny with a Chance, deserves a chance. It’s pretty strange at times, keeping with the Disney Channel’s mold of not necessarily being funny, but instead being really strange.

4 thoughts on “Sonny With A Chance

  1. I was also terrified of Nora. I just want to address that right off the bat.
    I liked the idea of the show within a show thing. However, now that Demi left, the show So Random! is actually on tv and its embarrassing.
    Are you sure Demi did coke? I don’t remember that at all. I know she cut herself and had a cornucopia of eating disorders but I don’t remember drug addictions.
    I love how this show tried to make everyone have really creative names. Grady? That’s not real.

    • I’m almost sure Demi did cocaine because that shocked me. The eating disorder, okay I can understand because she’s an actress and probably looks up to Portia de Rossi. I like that you used the word cornucopia to describe a debilitating mental disease.


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