The Wiggles

As far as creepy Australian kids shows go, I think The Wiggles take the cake. The Wiggles are a group of middle-aged men that sing and perform children’s songs on their television show and also live on stage. The group consists of  5 members (Anthony, Phillip, Murray, Greg, and Jeff) that have changed over time. Usually there were only 4 of them on the show so I think they would rotate members or something. However, the five that I just mentioned are the original Wiggles and I refuse to acknowledge any new members.TheWiggles(TVSeries1)Logo

The TV show takes place in this cutesy little neighborhood where fully costumed dinosaurs and dogs reside next door to 5 men living together. Some of the men like to garden, others like to cook, and all of them like to sing. I’m not going to assume that they’re gay, but I’m also not going to NOT assume it.

They all have their own hobbies and interests, but I think it’s a little beyond what kids can absorb. It’s a very simple show. So simple that I can barely remember anything about it. A lot of times the Wiggles will be doing something and then they’ll get distracted by their own singing. Like, they’ll make fruit salad and sing an entire song about it and the audience doesn’t even get to watch them eat it because when they finish the song, the scene ends.

I don't know who is who and I don't really care either.

I don’t know who is who and I don’t really care either.

Also, most of their songs are pretty repetitive. And by repetitive, I mean that some of the songs consist of 2 words over and over. Namely “Hot Potato” and “Fruit Salad”. I do like that they sing about food often. They know what’s up.

There’s definitely a silly pirate character, Captain Feathersword, who lives on a pirate ship. And unlike the dog and the dinosaur neighbors, the Captain is actually a man wearing pirate clothes. It’s a weird mixture of costumes. I feel like the creators couldn’t decide what to do so they just used all of the costumes that Australia had to offer.The wiggles perform during G'Day USA week in Los Angeles, in January.

Sometimes the show will go to clips of the guys singing in front of a real life background (the ocean, the park, etc), and sometimes they’ll be on their set. Other times, the show will lazily play a clip from a recorded live concert which is just so lame.


8 thoughts on “The Wiggles

  1. I thought Australians were mostly attractive for the most part. These men are all so not Australian looking. They look more English than anything. I wonder what they really wanted to do with their lives. It’s no way it was this.

    • I know, right? They do look very British. I will agree with that. But we must remember that Australia was at one point a british colony sooo they have their bad roots.
      I think two of them were in bands at one point. So hopefully the members of Half Milk turn their interest into something as cool as this.

      • Now I hope when you search Half Milk online this is the first thing that comes up. That will be the band’s legacy, comparable to The Wiggles.

    • Hah it’s like half and half. Sometimes in high school while I was getting ready for school, I would leave the tv on Nickelodeon or Disney and in the early morning it would always be toddler shows. Lol so embarrassingly enough, sometimes I would watch it on my own. Mostly because I was so intrigued that these were grown men singing about potatoes.
      Lol it does make me also want to stab my brain out though.

  2. I took my son to see the Wiggles in Concert. Halfway through the show, the Red Wiggle (Murray) came out on the stage alone and asked the parents is we know what song this was…? And started playing the beginning of Stairway to Heaven on his guitar.

    I have been a fan ever since.


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