Wish Upon A Star

If I remember correctly, my brother and I had an unspoken rule where we had to watch the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) Wish Upon A Star whenever it was on TV. This was one of the earlier, 90’s DCOMs, but it was oh so good. The story was simple, concise, and intriguing for young minds like ours.Wish_Upon_a_Star

The story takes place in Colorado suburbia. They never actually address the fact that they’re in Colorado, but I’ve studied the license plates on the cars in the movie. The scene is set–two sisters wake up at roughly the same time. The younger one, Hayley, wears baggy clothes, doesn’t care about how she looks, and loves science. Hayley’s older sister Alexia, or Alex for short, takes her sweet time getting ready. She  shaves her legs every morning, no hair on her head is out of place, she wears new outfits every day, and calls her parents by their first names. Oh, and she’s also played by Katherine Heigl. I KNOW.

Proof that Katherine Heigl once had a rockin bod.

Proof that Katherine Heigl once had a rockin bod.

Their parents are psychologists who worry about the well being of their daughters. They prove this to the audience by showing both of them reading separate copies of the same issue of Psychology Today. Like, okay we get it. They’re also concerned about how much their daughters fight. But they make a decision not to interfere with punishment, knowing that it will only stoke the fire.

That night when the girls come home from school, Alex brings her boyfriend home to hot tub with and eventually break his heart. Hayley has her best friend over and they daydream about how cute Alex’s bf is. That night, Hayley and Alex see a shooting star at the same time and both wish to be each other. Very Freaky Friday-esque. The next morning, they have switched bodies and the fun begins.

Alex finding out she's now Hayley.

Alex finding out she’s now Hayley.

Hayley, now Alex, has to fit in with the popular girls, not eat breakfast, and finds out that last night she broke up with the boy she loves. Meanwhile Alex, now Hayley has to take an astronomy exam (what high school has an astronomy class?) which she faints to get out of and goes home.tumblr_m9plo1TGX51qbmbnx

The Hayley in Alex’s body gets back together with her ex, Kyle, breaks some nails by actually playing sports in gym, and almost crashing the Jeep because she doesn’t have her license. YIKES. When Alex finds out everything that Hayley has done to ruin her practically perfect life, she declares war the next day. This is where even more fun begins.

Alex dresses Hayley up in this stripper dominatrix pleather outfit for school. And Hayley as Alex wears the same outfit that she wore yesterday and doesn’t shower or brush her hair *gasp*. I don’t know who looks worse for wear. They continue the battle until they both get kicked out of school (I think?) and then they have to figure out how to get along in each other’s bodies before the big formal dance.wish-upon-a-star-dvd-danielle-harris-b243

Hayley has to take college interviews in her sister’s body, meanwhile Alex has to learn everything she can about Hayley’s science fair entry and present it for her. They work together and by the time the formal rolls around, they’ve wished on a new shooting star and switched bodies again. Who knew shooting stars were so common and powerful? wish-upon-a-star

One thing that I really liked about this movie was that the entire soundtrack was Moonpools and Catepillars. Their song is playing in the first scene of the movie, and Alex in Hayley’s body is watching their music video when she stays home sick, and later at the formal they perform live. LIKE WHAT. My high school had so much money but we couldn’t even afford live performers so how could they? I don’t understand. Moonpools and Catepillars‘ album “Lucky Dumpling” is pretty good actually. I’m particularly fond of the songs “Hear” and “Colossal Youth”. You can watch the entire movie on youtube!



8 thoughts on “Wish Upon A Star

  1. This sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t think we actually watched it. I don’t think it’s just because of the Freaky Friday-esque thing either. Might have to see if I can find it online. My 13-yr-old might like it.

    • Yeah I think your 13 year old would like it! I know it’s definitely in 9 parts on youtube. It’s a great one and definitely entertaining!

  2. I’ve never heard of this movie and I didn’t think Katherine Heigl existed until she was 26 years old. Like she made a deal with the devil that she doesn’t have to live her youth in exchange for the missing vowel in her last name.

    Switching bodies ideas have been done so many times. My favorite is probably Face/Off even though they only really change faces. Wouldn’t they notice the difference in body types?

    • Hah omg it was so good. I’m one of the few to know Katherine Heigl before Grey’s Anatomy! That’s so sad. But lol about the missing vowel in her last name.
      I’ve never seen Face/Off but it sounds so dumb so I’d probably love it. I liked the recent one with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynold…I forget what it was called but it was pretty good.

      • The Changeup! I was thinking earlier that you and Spencer should make a wish and change places. I think the only difference is he would eat one flavor of ice cream and you would have to eat another.

      • Yes! Yeah there wouldn’t be much of a change with me and Spencer–we would both be sarcastic and I would all of a sudden be a member of Half Milk.
        I always forget the name “The Change Up” because Jason Bateman had another movie that year called The Switch which is a similar title.

  3. I don’t know why but I never saw this. What the…? It looks like one I would have enjoyed. Also, I like those two songs, as well. Thank heaven I have you to keep me young and fresh in the music scene. Lol!

    • Hahah Wish Upon a Star was so good. You probably would’ve liked it because it’s the old switcheroo formula. Bud and I were always on the outlook for catchy tunes! Haha


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