Land of the Lost

There were two versions of this television show and a really bad movie based on the same premise. I’m going to talk about them all here. Since there’s no real difference except for some of the slang and haircuts you shouldn’t get too “lost.” By that I mean you’re really stupid and may need to […]


Better known among walkers as “the show with the kid in the wheelchair,” Pelswick might have been a kid’s show where they had one of the best jokes I ever heard on children’s programming. I’ll get to that later. This is called a teaser. You know, like a girl who invites her back to her […]

Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Few kid’s shows span generations. Scooby Doo, Where Are You is one of them. If anything I think this is a credit to the popularity of marijuana. Everyone knows by now Scooby Doo is nothing more than a show about four potheads and a dog that sort of talks but not really. Is it more […]

Dennis the Menace

Rather than do separate pieces on the original Dennis the Menace Show, the cartoon, and the movie, I am going to fit them all into one. They’re all pretty much about the same thing, a blonde haired boy named Dennis who is a bit of an asshole. (They had to say he was a menace […]

Garfield and Friends

We’re all familiar with the character Garfield from the Sunday comics. These comics are sometimes called “Funnies” and they’re what my grandma would wrap Christmas gifts in. That’s how you know something is truly a piece of humor, when older women think their only value is covering crappy jars of jelly she got while on […]