Mooselicker says: This was written by Carter Johns. This is his second contributing piece. He’s a good man obsessed with portmanteaus. If you know what that word means then I ask, how’s the economy treating you college boy?  Rebound perpetuates the ridiculous, insulting, and, frankly, racist notions that 1) Martin Lawrence is a believable lead and […]

Dennis the Menace

Rather than do separate pieces on the original Dennis the Menace Show, the cartoon, and the movie, I am going to fit them all into one. They’re all pretty much about the same thing, a blonde haired boy named Dennis who is a bit of an asshole. (They had to say he was a menace […]

Rookie of the Year

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a major league baseball player. Anyone can be a regular baseball player. The independent leagues have tryouts every year and all you have to pay is $50 to have a chance at playing. Of course you still need some skill to make the team but for those […]

Look Who’s Talking Now

I would hate to see the other possible titles this movie could’ve had. They picked a pretty bad one, but I guess Talking Dogs could’ve been worse. It’s the sequel to Look Who’s Talking, a movie about talking babies (I think). I never owned Look Who’s Talking and no one ever played it at any […]

Julie Andrews: Everyone’s Favorite Nanny

Every summer and holiday growing up, my parents would haul us to our grandparents’ house in rural Tennessee where we would watch either The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins in my grandparents’ tiny bedroom, in order to avoid the fantastic staring contests being held by all the adult members of our family. If it was a overnight visit, […]


Not to be confused with Clifford The Big Red Dog, Clifford the movie is about a a young boy played by the man-child Martin Short. The movie starts out with Clifford as an old man/Catholic Priest/head of a boy’s orphanage. A little boy (Ben Savage) tries to run away and Clifford tells him the story […]