We haven’t written about many Nick at Nite shows on this site, at least not for a while, so it’s time we write about a classic one, Wings. Is Wings considered a classic? In my mind it is and that’s all that matters, what I think. Wings is about an airport on Nantucket Island in […]

Malcolm in the Middle

I knew immediately from the first episode Malcolm in the Middle would be a show I could relate to. The house was dirty, the family got along but always insulted each other, and it was about being an outsider. I hate being compared to Frankie Muniz in any way possible because he’s not even 30 […]

Home Improvement

Although it was not meant specifically for children alone, Home Improvement was a highly rated television program in the 1990s and later appeared on Nick at Nite. There. My justification for writing about it. The thing you must understand about Home Improvement is that it has no classic episodes. There’s no episode that ever reached […]