The Wiggles

As far as creepy Australian kids shows go, I think The Wiggles take the cake. The Wiggles are a group of middle-aged men that sing and perform children’s songs on their television show and also live on stage. The group consists of  5 members (Anthony, Phillip, Murray, Greg, and Jeff) that have changed over time. […]

Rolie Polie Olie

Shows like Rolie Polie Olie show that creativity in children’s television isn’t completely lost. The show actually takes place on a different planet, even in a different universe perhaps. In this familiar world live Olie Polie and his family. They’re a very round looking people, but they don’t look chunky. They’re just literally made of […]

Bear in the Big Blue House

I was definitely too old to be watching this show when it first aired on TV. In fact, I think they still play it now. The title explains a lot about the show—it’s about a bear in a big blue house. There are a couple other characters, but it’s pretty straight forward and nothing really […]