One Cosby to Rule Them All

Mooselicker Says: The following was written by Josef over at Kul World. He has a newborn kid so he probably knows what he’s talking about in this piece. I’m only actually say that because parents of newborns are like invincible. We’re supposed to tell them they’re doing everything right even when they’re not just because […]

Freaks and Geeks: Where’d I See That Face?

I started watching the cult classic television show Freaks and Geeks not too long ago. I suppose if you’re a house fly it was a really long time ago. Don’t they live like a day? What’s the point in their existence? Throughout watching it there were many faces I recognized and some I didn’t, looked […]

They Might Be Giants and Kids Shows: A Study

I always remembered seeing references to the band They Might Be Giants on Nickelodeon. I never thought too much about it until we started delving into kids shows on this blog. I started thinking about how much they were mentioned (which wasn’t much, but it was enough to make an impression on my small brain […]

The Best Songs By Villains

Disney movies in particular have produced some great musical numbers. The most memorable parts of any animated (and live action) movies are the songs.  Personally, I was always drawn to the evil songs. Maybe it’s because the first movie I ever saw in theaters was The Little Mermaid when I was three years old. That […]

Kidz Showz Facebook Page

If you haven’t already be sure to Like the Kidz Showz new Facebook Page. Since there are about 7 billion people in the world and 7 billion people haven’t Liked the page, much work still has to be done. Kidz Showz Facebook Page

My Favorite Overweight Child Stars

Growing up as a fat kid it was always tough to find role models. I tried idolizing people like Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials. Then I found out he was long dead from cocaine. Something happened in the 1990s though. Video games got better which meant kids stopped exercising as much. Suddenly there were […]