101 Dalmatians

Dogs rule. Every child should at some point have a dog. It teaches you to care for another living being. You will learn responsibility and other things adults try to avoid. One dog is fine to have, but trying having 100 more. The Disney film 101 Dalmatians never made it to Smell-O-Vision because of all […]

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Books are always better than the movie. The same can be said about TV shows based on books. The Three’s Company book originally written in 1853 is a prime example of this. The same can be said about another show John Ritter was involved with, Clifford the Big Red Dog. The Clifford books were very […]


You know an animal has had a big effect on your life when you see its breed and you refer to it by a character name rather than the actual breed. People may see a Collie and call it a “Lassie Dog.” Others may see a Saint Bernard and call it a “Beethoven.” I’m sure […]


The show Madeline never got enough street cred. Originally a children’s book, Madeline was a cute little story about twelve girls who were at boarding school with their teacher Miss Clavel. Miss Clavel should’ve been called Sister Clavel or whatever her first name was because she was a nun. The story was set in Paris […]