Sonny With A Chance

Before she was a household name. Before she discovered cocaine. Before she posted pictures of herself online of herself without makeup to prove that women don’t need makeup to be beautiful, but really was probably just bragging that she’s more attractive than the average female, Demi Lovato was the lead in a television show called […]

As the Bell Rings

Gentleman, remember that size does not matter. It’s what you do with what you have that is important. As the Bell Rings was a 4 minute show that would air throughout the day on Disney Channel from 2007-2009. With only 4 minutes to tell a story, As the Bell Rings had a lot of work […]

A Poem for Demi Lovato

Dear Demi Lovato, Lovin’ you forever is my motto. Maybe lovin’ is too strong a word, But maybe Demi you have not yet heard. I am a man, who takes care of his women, Affection from me is always a given. I first knew we were meant to be the second saw you, Unlike many […]