The Embarrassing Photo and Video Archive of Amanda Bynes

What’s there to say? This is nothing more than a gallery of embarrassing moments from the life of Amanda Bynes. (Amanda preparing for her role as a heroin addict) (Amanda wearing an S.S. hat, some bling, and having a cheek piercing because she knows what all the boys like) (Amanda in court wearing an old […]

The Brave Little Toaster

Three amazing things happened in 1987. The first two were the births of the creators of this blog. We were each born in October 1987 less than a week apart. The other thing to happen was the release of the classic film The Brave Little Toaster. I don’t believe in coincidences as much as I […]


When I was younger I picked my favorite things by picking whatever started with the same letter as my name, Tim. Now I pick my favorite things by deciding what is the least evil and embarrassing to admit to enjoying. Picking a favorite animal starting with the letter T wasn’t hard because most animals in […]

VH1’s 100 Greatest Kid Stars

VH1 recently had an episode of their show The Greatest featuring the 100 Greatest Kid Stars. Since this is somewhat relevant to the themes in this blog I decided it was important for us here at Kidz Showz to cover the story. First, most importantly, here is the list VH1 presented. 1. Justin Bieber 2. Macaulay […]


Before there was Zumba there was Zoom. Other than both starting with the letter Z, neither has much in common. I do think they say Zumba in the Zoom theme song though. Doesn’t it go “Come on and Zoom. Come on and Zoom. Come on and Zumba Zumba Zumba Zoom. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”? I really […]

Batman: The Animated Series

I wanted to start my first post here off with a bang and write about a show everyone watched no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation. It wasn’t until I realized through other means I have already pretty much excluded everyone from my life other than straight white males so I figured I should […]