Wild & Crazy Kids

“Sit down, shut up, and if you move I’m going to hit you with this stick” is what most kids hear these days when they’re wild and crazy. But back in 1990 these children were treated differently. There was a place where they could go and be themselves. It was a little show on Nickelodeon […]

Double Dare

Sometime in the 1990s Nickelodeon executives got together in a room and wondered if they could put together a show that was Family Feud only requiring less mental skill. I know, pretty impossible. Families on Family Feud tend to be inbred anyway. Why else would they high-five each other? The only time you high-five a […]

Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple

It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a Nickelodeon kid. I wasn’t a fan of Cartoon Network, One Saturday Morning, and I didn’t even get Disney Channel until I was 12. Nickelodeon had a lot to offer though. Besides their original cartoons and clever live action shows, they also had plenty of game shows to […]