Pepper Ann

This piece was written by my good friend Chase Bowman. He doesn’t have a blog of his own (lame). I guess he doesn’t mind living a life where all of his talent is wasted. Or he has one of those job things. Either way, enjoy one of my new favorite Kidz Showz posts. “Pepper Ann, […]

Moolah Beach

Have you ever sat around wondering what Survivor might be like if instead of adults there were teenagers and instead of Jeff Probst there was a ginger hosting things? Look no further than Moolah Beach. Premiering on September 8, 2001 (no coincidence to the terrorist attacks days later I’m sure) Moolah Beach was a show […]

Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple

It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a Nickelodeon kid. I wasn’t a fan of Cartoon Network, One Saturday Morning, and I didn’t even get Disney Channel until I was 12. Nickelodeon had a lot to offer though. Besides their original cartoons and clever live action shows, they also had plenty of game shows to […]