A Poem for Alexa Vega

Dear Alexa Vega, Those breasts, wow did they become mega. It’s pretty clear they’re not real so why pretend, I’ve got no problem with them so to me you don’t have to defend. Your choices are yours and I’ll accept you for you, Alexa Vega accept my invitation of love and find out what we’ll […]

A Poem for Demi Lovato

Dear Demi Lovato, Lovin’ you forever is my motto. Maybe lovin’ is too strong a word, But maybe Demi you have not yet heard. I am a man, who takes care of his women, Affection from me is always a given. I first knew we were meant to be the second saw you, Unlike many […]

A Poem for Victoria Justice

Dear Victoria Justice, Nothing is as strong for you as my lust is. Your acting chops are new and you’re getting some good experience, But who pays attention if you flub a line when you’ve got such a lovely appearance. You were born in 1993 which makes me feel a tad old and creepy, I […]