Space Jam

What happens when you combine arguably the greatest athlete of all-time with the greatest cartoon character of all-time? You get a stoner movie. Really, that’s all Space Jam was. Like everything on Cartoon Network these days, Space Jam’s target audience were college kids with enough money for bud and not enough for rent. You will […]


Mooselicker says: This was written by Carter Johns. This is his second contributing piece. He’s a good man obsessed with portmanteaus. If you know what that word means then I ask, how’s the economy treating you college boy?  Rebound perpetuates the ridiculous, insulting, and, frankly, racist notions that 1) Martin Lawrence is a believable lead and […]

Rookie of the Year

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a major league baseball player. Anyone can be a regular baseball player. The independent leagues have tryouts every year and all you have to pay is $50 to have a chance at playing. Of course you still need some skill to make the team but for those […]

In The Zone

At the conclusion of Field of Dreams, James Earl Jones gives a big speech on how baseball is the purest thing in America and other nonsense. As I heard actor Robert Wuhl point out, it’s ironic that a black man would say baseball was pure considering it took until 1947 before a black man ever […]

The Mighty Ducks

Few film franchises have spawned their own cartoon shows and even fewer have stolen tax dollars to put a new hockey arena in a city. The Mighty Ducks managed to do them both. (Emilio Estevez in a denim shirt, Dockers, and a pose that says “Look what I have to deal with!” I also like you […]