Muppet Babies

I was never a big fan of the actual Muppets so I don’t know what possessed me to watch the animated show portraying them as babies. My mind is just filled with absolute garbage.

Muppet Babies tried way too hard to be funny. There were a lot of bad jokes and a lot of weird voices. At least there weren’t actual puppets involved.

If they can read, then they aren't babies.

If they can read, then they aren’t babies.

The premise of the show was that there were 8 weird looking animal/human creature babies living with their nanny named Nanny who keeps them in a playroom all day and rarely checks on them. I don’t know how she came across all of them or if it’s a daycare center or what, but it’s pretty weird. None of them speak about their parents so I have to assume that Nanny is a big slut and birthed all these babies at the same time.

The babies have big imaginations so they’re constantly having adventures. I hate when shows pressure kids to use their imagination. It’s like, “Umm no, I like sitting in front of the TV just fine thanks.” The good thing about the show is that they reference a lot of movies and pop culture by splicing clips into the show. All of the references went over my head when I was young, but I can appreciate them now I guess. But not really.

I don’t like the term “babies” being used for the characters. They’re able to walk, talk, reason, and have full blown conversations. They have to be at least 8 years old. But the animators made them look like they’re toddlers. I don’t even know how old Nanny is because they only show her legs. She could be a senior citizen. In which case, she couldn’t have birthed the babies. And she always wears these annoying striped socks. Stop trying to be cool, Nanny.

In what world is that outfit okay?

In what world is that outfit okay?

The babies that are in the house are Miss Piggy (or Piggy for short), Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Scooter, Skeeter, Rowlf the Dog, and Gonzo. I hated almost all of the characters except Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Gonzo. Everyone else was so cheesy and they made the show almost painful to watch. I just found out that Dave Coulier was the voice of Animal which makes tons of sense because Animal was my least favorite Muppet and Dave Coulier is my least favorite person.

Muppet Babies occasionally comforted my young soul. I remember when I had chicken pocks and had to stay home from school, I turned on the TV and there were the Muppet Babies with chicken pocks, in pain right alongside me.

The show’s official title was Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies. Jim Henson’s decade was totes the 90’s. Like, everything was going his way and he even got away with making this horrible cartoon that apparently a lot of people liked. I’m glad we woke up one day and realized that puppets were gross and Jim Henson was weird.


18 thoughts on “Muppet Babies

  1. Lots of Jim Henson venom here. Muppet Babies was a fun show. I haven’t seen it in years so I wouldn’t even know the pop cultures references you’re talking about. I did like Rowlf a lot. I remember the one episode where that whore Nanny made them all cookies that looked like their faces and there was no cookie for Rowfl. Everyone thought he was upset but he ended up writing a really sweet song that went a little something like this…

    You’re special to me….
    (Chorus) You’re special!
    Blah blah blah shining star!

    It was pretty badly written but it always made me sad. Nanny ended up apologizing and she made Rowlf a bunch of cookies with his face. That’s how you know you’re a weird monster thing, when cookies can be made to your likeness.

    • I think I actually remember that episode too. It sound super familiar. Rowfl was like the Schroeder of the group. Since when to young kids know how to play the piano so well? Would’ve Rowlf have paws? I DON’T GET IT.

      You have a good point about baked goods and being a monster.

    • That’s true! I was actually going to mention how her hands make her seem like she’s 20, but her voice indicates that she’s 60. It’s a tough one…

  2. The best thing about Muppet Babies was that Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame came out of hiding for 10 minutes to help write and record the theme song. That’s a huge lie that I just made up but I want to get that urban legend started.

    • I was going to say that you are super in-the-know. I love starting urban legends and gossip. This must have been a desperate choice for Brian Wilson.

    • Hahah I know what you mean. I usually “do research” for my posts by youtubing whatever show I’m posting about. I’ll usually watch a couple episodes, but with this one I watched 8 minutes and was like, “Yeahhh I think that’s enough for one day.”

  3. It took me years as a kid to realize that The Muppet Babies was an off-shoot of The Muppet Show. Being a chile of the ’90s was weird.

  4. I’ve not been able to comment for ages as I’ve never heard of most of the shows you’ve highlighted, can’t believe so many failed to make it across the pond. But I know this one, and of course not a patch on the proper Muppets -which you don’t like! I quite happily sat in the cinema for the last movie, me and only 5 others on it’s opening night, I thought everyone loved them but apparently not 🙂

    • Aww sorry Joe! I’ll try to post some british ones! Or maybe some more Disney movies, which are pretty widely known. Haha I’m glad you like the Muppets so much that you still support them! I actually heard a lot of people liked that movie! You’re not alone!

      Thanks for following our blog and commenting! 😀

      • Shows I grew up on are full of hidden meanings. Captain Pugwash was about a bunch of pirates and had veiled connotations to masturbation. Other ones were about drug use like The Magic Roundabout, and Mr Benn. And Rainbow which included an S & M puppet, a homosexual hippo and a giant bear. We never noticed as kids but you watch it back and it shows. Actually loads to write about there, I may write it up for a post and link back here.

      • That’s insane! We would happily have you do a guest post! I’m sure any show you choose wouldn’t have appeared on here before, but just in case, click on our almanac.


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