Disney Princess Misfits

I really didn’t know what to title this one. Not too long ago, I wrote about Disney Princesses and while I was writing and researching (I’m making this blog sound so important) I came across so many female characters that get swept under the rug because they aren’t technically princesses. So I figured I would […]

High School Musical

On June 6, 1944 a bunch of ships were launched from England headed for Normandy in France in something famously referred to us “Operation Run Up A Beach Without A Shield Trying Not To Get Killed.” This launch helped the course for the Allies winning WWII. I’m here to talk about another launch though. I’m […]

Disney Princesses

Princesses have stood the test of time in Disney movies. Both boys and girls, men and women enjoy a good old princess flick. It’s true. I think the reason people like watching princesses is because they’re still human–they make mistakes, cause trouble, say the wrong things…okay now I’m just describing myself. The first Disney princess […]

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

I started doing research on this Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) a while ago and realized how chock full this story line was. It’s pretty intense for a made for TV movie and that’s probably why it was always one of my favorites. Zenon and her family are stationed in outer space. They are a […]

101 Dalmatians

Dogs rule. Every child should at some point have a dog. It teaches you to care for another living being. You will learn responsibility and other things adults try to avoid. One dog is fine to have, but trying having 100 more. The Disney film 101 Dalmatians never made it to Smell-O-Vision because of all […]

A Poem for Vanessa Hudgens

Dear Vanessa Hudgens, With you I’d like to grow old and become two loving curmudgeons. We can hate the world together for all they’ve done, We will wake up early and watch the rise of the sun. Your beautiful dark skin and your even darker hair, To describe you in one word would not be […]

The Best Songs By Villains

Disney movies in particular have produced some great musical numbers. The most memorable parts of any animated (and live action) movies are the songs.  Personally, I was always drawn to the evil songs. Maybe it’s because the first movie I ever saw in theaters was The Little Mermaid when I was three years old. That […]

Julie Andrews: Everyone’s Favorite Nanny

Every summer and holiday growing up, my parents would haul us to our grandparents’ house in rural Tennessee where we would watch either The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins in my grandparents’ tiny bedroom, in order to avoid the fantastic staring contests being held by all the adult members of our family. If it was a overnight visit, […]