Handy Manny

Last year I babysat a lot. But it was great because I got to watch a lot of kidz showz, one of them being Handy Manny. There’s not a lot to say about this show besides the fact that it’s basically Bob the Builder combined with Dora the Explorer. Manny is the owner of a […]

Muppet Babies

I was never a big fan of the actual Muppets so I don’t know what possessed me to watch the animated show portraying them as babies. My mind is just filled with absolute garbage. Muppet Babies tried way too hard to be funny. There were a lot of bad jokes and a lot of weird […]

The Proud Family

If there was ever an animated equivalent to a Tyler Perry film, The Proud Family was it. The title is even a play on words! The show centers on Penny Proud and her family and friends. It’s weird because Penny isn’t normally proud of her family. If anything, she’s embarrassed of them. Plus, isn’t pride […]


It’s rare I would be willing to recommend a show to people of any age and tell them they will find something to enjoy about it. Gargoyles is a show I would tell anyone to give a shot to. I honestly believe this show was so ahead of its time we’re not even there yet. […]

Old People Watch Kid’s Shows Too

Mooselicker Says: Welcome to the very first post not written by the two dopes who have written everything thus far. This post is brought to us by Brother Jon. Without further introduction, continue reading. I’m trying to decide whether or not I’ve always been a fuddy-duddy. That’s right; I’ve just used the term “Fuddy-Duddy“, and guess who […]