The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Twins are creepy. The Shining, Breaking Bad Season 3, and The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan proved this. Could you imagine a world with two Lindsay Lohans? All those car accidents they would cause. Children in poorer nations would not have enough cocaine to eat for lunch. Lucky for us The Parent Trap was movie magic. […]

Blue’s Clues

I was 9 years old when Blue’s Clues made it’s debut. Intrigued by the show, I watched it even though I was probably older than the intended audience. I knew I was too old for it because my mom told me I was. Blue’s Clues is about a dog named Blue and her dumb owner […]

Gumby Adventures

This wonderful contribution to our blog was written by Emily @ The Waiting Blog. A big thanks to Emily for believing in this blog and being more excited about it than we are! I hope you write a million more guest posts because you clearly know your kid’s shows and can do them justice with […]

A Poem for Victoria Justice

Dear Victoria Justice, Nothing is as strong for you as my lust is. Your acting chops are new and you’re getting some good experience, But who pays attention if you flub a line when you’ve got such a lovely appearance. You were born in 1993 which makes me feel a tad old and creepy, I […]

Christmas Shows

Since it’s Christmas Eve and I have nothing better to do, I thought I would write a piece on holiday kid’s movies. Every kid likes a classic movie about Christmas to prove that Santa is indeed real and all their friends are jerks and have bad parents. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is obviously the […]


You know an animal has had a big effect on your life when you see its breed and you refer to it by a character name rather than the actual breed. People may see a Collie and call it a “Lassie Dog.” Others may see a Saint Bernard and call it a “Beethoven.” I’m sure […]

The Magical World of Bobby

Mooselicker says: The following is a guest post written by woman named Rose Harmon. Is it polite to call a female a woman? I certainly know worse words I could refer to them as which I won’t get into because this is about her and I should shut up now. The Magical World of Bobby […]

Hey Arnold!

How do I even explain the greatness that is Hey Arnold!? This show was extremely unique and had a plethora of developed characters. Arnold is just your average fourth grader raised by his grandparents living in a New York City apartment. I was entertained by this show for hours on end. Granted, this was around […]


The show Madeline never got enough street cred. Originally a children’s book, Madeline was a cute little story about twelve girls who were at boarding school with their teacher Miss Clavel. Miss Clavel should’ve been called Sister Clavel or whatever her first name was because she was a nun. The story was set in Paris […]